General Asarta points out that only Malta is behind Spain

Vox criticizes the scarcity of military aid from the government of Pedro Sánchez to Ukraine

Yesterday, Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles appeared in Congress to report on the shipment of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

Spain: the political opposition denounces the little military aid of Pedro Sánchez to Ukraine
A report exposes the ridiculous military aid of the Pedro Sánchez government to Ukraine

The video of the appearance of the minister and the interventions of the different parliamentary groups can be seen here. On behalf of Vox party, Divisional General (Retired) Alberto Asarta spoke. He is a good connoisseur of the subject, since his long history of service to Spain in the Armed Forces includes the command of the Armored Infantry Brigade "Guadarrama" XII and having been awarded the Military Merit Medal with a red badge for his participation in the Battle of Najaf, when it was Colonel in command of the "Al Ándalus" Base in that Iraqi city.

"Vox has shown unequivocal solidarity with Ukraine and its heroic population"

The Vox deputy pointed out that "there are sufficient reasons for Spain to support Ukraine in all its needs. The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation on February 24 last year violated the International Law and Human Rights causing thousands of deaths and injuries on both sides, with millions of refugees and displaced persons and with great destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure and homes."

General Asarta recalled that "from the outset our Vox parliamentary group has shown unequivocal solidarity with Ukraine and its heroic population and has urged the Spanish government to join the efforts that, both Within the framework of the European Union and NATO, our partners and allies are carrying out the reception of wounded and refugees, financial support, military equipment and sanctions against the Russian Federation within the European Union."

"Regarding military aid, Spain is not doing very well"

In his speech, General Asarta criticized the scarcity of military aid sent by the government of Pedro Sánchez to Ukraine, pointing to the data published by Ukraine Support Tracker of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, based in Germany, which has been pointing out the tiny volume of Spanish military aid to the Ukrainian people in comparison with most neighboring countries.

"Regarding military aid, Spain is not doing very well", General Asarta pointed out. "Perhaps so as not to annoy their government partner Unidas Podemos, who is not in favor of the work of military support and who wants the conflict to be resolved only through diplomatic channels and through dialogue", he added. The Vox deputy pointed out that, according to data from the aforementioned German institute, "Spain would have bilaterally delivered the equivalent of 0.03% of our Gross Domestic Product, that is, some 380 million euros, which include the military, economic and humanitarian parts, being especially low in military matters."

In military aid "only Malta is behind Spain"

General Asarta pointed out that "this amount represents that each Spaniard contributes 8 euros, which seems little to us if we compare ourselves with Portugal or Italy 44 and 17 euros per capita, to name a few countries in our immediate environment. Taking into account our economy, this aid seems scarce to us, since we are behind countries like Switzerland, which is traditionally neutral, or Australia, which is 15,000 kilometers from Kiev. Among the Western countries that support Ukraine, only Malta is behind Spain."

The Vox deputy also pointed out that the aforementioned German institute "places Spain very badly in terms of transparency as well, placing it in position 40 out of a list of 41 countries, falling behind regimes authoritarian and or totalitarian like Turkey or China."

You can listen here to the complete video of General Asarta's speech and his reply to the Minister of Defense (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic subtitles in English in the lower bar of the player):

Robles hides behind allies and forgets the case of Poland

In her response to General Asarta, Robles has argued that "Spain alone, no matter how much it does, if it does not join a section or a battalion, it would have nothing to do." That "no matter how much it did" sounds very poor if we take into account that the Spanish government is one of the European governments that has sent less military aid to Ukraine.

But also, we must remember that Poland has sent over 300 tanks to Ukraine without waiting for others to send their help. If it weren't for that Polish help, today Ukraine would have serious problems. The difference is, of course, that Poland is governed by a party that is a partner of Vox, and not the partners of a pro-Russian party like Podemos.


Photo: Vox Congreso.

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