The woman was assaulted, harassed and kidnapped by trans extremists

Trans violence continues after the Nashville attack: assault on swimmer Riley Gaines

Trans extremists continue their wave of bullying after the recent murder of six Christians in Nashville by a trans woman.

A trans woman murders six Christians and the taboo on Christianophobia is still maintained
LGBT extremists threaten to burn down a bookstore and the people who were inside

Assaulted, harassed and kidnapped for disagreeing with the trans lobby

The latest episode in the wave of trans bullying took place on April 6 at San Francisco State University in California. Swimmer Riley Gaines, who has defended women's sports against attempts to allow trans men to sneak into women's showers and changing rooms, was assaulted and harassed by a group of trans extremists from the extreme left, who demanded that the Police pay them to allow Riley to leave the premises where they ended up surrounding her. It is the legal definition of a kidnapping.

The swimmer has denounced that "I was ambushed and physically hit twice by a man". Riley has published the video that she recorded when she was surrounded by trans thugs after giving a lecture at that university:

Riley announces legal action for this aggression

Despite the seriousness of the facts, University Police did not arrest any of the attackers. In addition, the aforementioned university published a statement in which it omits any reference to the aggression committed by trans activists and even thanks trans students for having a "peaceful" attitude.

Riley has reported that "the campus police and the University did nothing. They were afraid to use any force and do their job properly for fear of appearing racist, transphobic or anything other than a community ally." Given these facts, the swimmer has announced legal action against the university for allowing these violent acts.

A wave of trans violence encouraged by the left

These acts of bullying by trans extremists are becoming more frequent. In addition to the Nashville attack, there have been violent acts such as threats from LGBT extremists to set fire to a bookstore with people inside in Spain because a book critical of gender ideology was presented in the store, and the mafia campaign of LGBT groups against teachers who disagree with their ideological theses in Madrid, some teachers who have been threatened with posters posted at the university. The political and media left still does not condemn these violent acts and insists on presenting transgender activists as victims even when they are the aggressors, as the White House did a few years ago days after the Nashville bombing.

Photo: Riley Gaines.

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