The dispute has continued on the Internet between different Stalinist groups

Police prevent a fight between members of different communist factions in Madrid

This Friday, April 14, the extreme left demonstrated again in Madrid on the anniversary of the proclamation of the Second Republic.

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That nostalgic act of a regime that displayed an anti-democratic attitude has become this year the scene of a verbal confrontation between different factions of the communist extreme left. The situation did not go beyond the exchange of insults thanks to the deployment made by the Police Intervention Unit (UIP) of the National Police Corps. The confrontation occurred as a result of the coincidence between two different calls.

On the one hand, the main demonstration of the extreme left was starting from Plaza de Cibeles in the direction of Plaza del Callao at 7:00 p.m. In that journey, another march had been called at 6:30 p.m. in the Bank of Spain. This call was made by Juventud Combativa, the youth of the Frente Obrero (Workers' Front), one of the brands used by a Stalinist organization, the Marxist-Leninist Party (Communist Reconstruction). As you will remember, this group has been demonstrating with portraits of Lenin and Stalin, perpetrators of crimes of genocide.

Estado de Alarma TV yesterday showed the Police deployment that prevented the verbal confrontations between the two ultra-left factions from reaching a physical confrontation:

The broadcast of the demonstration by the far-leftist newspaper Público also showed the moment of the clash between the two convocations. The demonstrators who were going from Cibeles to Callao raised their fists and launched shouts like "nazis" and "you fascists are the terrorists" against the communists of Juventud Combativa, who gathered fewer people than came to the other demonstration, but with more flags per square meter. You can see what happened from point 19:08 of the video (I have inserted it to start at that moment):

The confrontation between communist factions has continued on social networks after the demonstrations. The Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist), which is also a Stalinist, has called the other Stalinists of Juventud Combativa "fascist provocateurs":

In turn, from Juventud Combativa they have called "hooligans of Podemos" (referring to the communist partners of the government of Pedro Sánchez), "hooligans who are going to be revolutionaries" and even "disgusting drug addicts" to their rivals, as can be heard in this video:

I think it's phenomenal that the enemies of freedom and democracy fight among themselves. The more divided they are, the less force they will have to promote their totalitarian ideas and the less damage they will do to society. In any case, it is appreciated that the Police have prevented physical attacks among these totalitarian groups. Violence for political purposes is wrong and, furthermore, it saves money for public health in treating possible injuries and less risk of the fight ending up affecting people who were just passing by.

Main photo: PCE(M-L).

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