Infamous message of Izquierda Unida about José Antonio Primo de Rivera

The communists mock the exhumation of a person murdered by the left

Communist totalitarianism, like nazi totalitarianism, is a form of moral filth and its followers never tire of demonstrating it.

The party of two Spanish ministers calls to follow the «example» of a dictator and genocidal
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IU mocks Primo de Rivera on the occasion of his exhumation

This Thursday, Izquierda Unida (United Left), the electoral disguise created in 1986 by the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) to continue deceiving the unwary, once again exhibited its paltry human qualities by publishing a message mocking José Antonio Primo de Rivera, founder of the Spanish Falange, whose exhumation has been announced for next Monday, April 24, coinciding with the 120th anniversary of his birth:

The infamous message by Izquierda Unida: "José Antonio, warm up that you go out", along with news about the upcoming exhumation of José Antonio Primo de Rivera.

A victim of a politically motivated murder

We must remember that Primo de Rivera was assassinated by the left in 1936, after a judicial farce organized by his own executioners. It was one of many politically motivated crimes committed during the Spanish Civil War on both sides, crimes whose perpetrators included members of left-wing parties that still exist today, such as the PCE, PSOE and ERC. The communists have never apologized for those crimes, and now they are also making fun of one of the victims. Being a communist and being miserable seem to be parallel things, as once again Izquierda Unida has shown.

The communist Alberto Garzón justified that murder in 2019

It must be remembered that the current coordinator of the Izquierda Unida and Minister of Consumption, the communist Alberto Garzón, already justified the murder of Primo de Rivera in 2019, accusing the murdered man of a "coup plotter" and equating him with the dictator Mussolini. It should be noted that Primo de Rivera did not perpetrate any coup. What is worth asking is if the communists would then consider that the separatist Companys deserved to be shot, because he did lead a coup d'état in Catalonia in October 1934, with dozens of deaths.

The PCE is still the same scum as when it was under Stalin's orders

What this message from IU and those statements by Garzón demonstrate is that the PCE continues to be the same totalitarian scum that acted in Spain following orders from the dictator and genocide Stalin. Let us remember that the PCE had in its ranks war criminals such as Santiago Carrillo, responsible for the Paracuellos massacre, in which the communists murdered as many as 50 children.Will they also mock of them the miserable United Left? On the other hand, and remembering that IU praised the dictator Fidel Castro, a criminal responsible for the torture and murder of thousands of political prisoners in Cuba, will the next thing be to mock those victims of Cuban communism as well?

What that party-garbage with messages like that makes clear is that certain countries are quite right to outlaw communist parties. Totalitarian parties, whether communist or nazi, should not be legal in a democratic country, for the very reason that such totalitarians seek to demolish democracy. To this reason we must add that in a democratic country parties that justify murders for political reasons should not be legal. That in Spain they are legal and we also have them in the government is the height of infamy.

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