An assault on a police station and a convicted murderer who is on the run

Pontevedra: some facts that would have more difusión if these Moroccans went to mass

This Tuesday, the National Police Station on Joaquín Costa street, in Pontevedra, suffered an attack by an armed man.

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An assault on a Police station in Pontevedra and an injured agent

According to Pontevedra Viva, the aggressor
, a 26-year-old young man, entered the police station very upset and brandishing a knife and a box cutter. Likewise, and according to Diario de Pontevedra , the assailant stuck one of his bladed weapons into the back of a policeman. Finally, the aggressor left the police station and was subdued and detained in the street by two local police officers. The injured agent required hospital assistance.

The attacker is of Moroccan origin

The news has not appeared in as many media as other equally serious events. In some media, the headlines have decided to highlight that the aggressor it was "a man" or "a young man". The fact is that according to the two local media mentioned above and according to Faro de Vigo, the attacker has Spanish nationality but is of Moroccan origin. In fact, as confirmed by the National Police to Pontevedra Viva, "a relative of the later detainee was at the Police Station carrying out a procedure related to an Immigration matter". La Voz de Galicia limits itself to pointing out that the aggressor is "of Spanish nationality and foreign origin."

Another Moroccan is on the run in Pontevedra after committing a homicide

It coincides that on May 5, local media reported that another Moroccan who killed a German pilgrim is on the run in the mountains in Pontevedra. La Voz de Galicia said then that this Moroccan "assaulted and threatened his partner, and fled running through the mountains. Since then, it is supposed that he has been in search and capture so that he can go to prison, since he had pending accounts with the Justice."

The effects of mass immigration

This news has recently appeared in a community like Galicia, which has one of the lowest immigration rates in Spain. However, the effects of mass immigration and its relationship with crime are also beginning to be noticed here, some effects that I already statistically analyzed here a few months ago, and I did so remembering that statistics they are an indicator of social reality, not an individual portrait, and the fact that there are more cases of criminals from a certain country does not indicate that all people in that country are thugs. What is clear is that the authorities must take these data into account when regulating immigration.

Obviously, for linguistic and cultural reasons, there are people from certain countries who integrate better into our society than people from other countries. A government should not ignore this fact, but many European governments (with exceptions such as Poland and Hungary) have been systematically ignoring these data. As we saw in November, crime rates among Algerians, Nigerians and Moroccans far exceed those among the Spanish population. In the case of Moroccans, they are 1.83% of the population of Spain (872,759) and 8.47% of inmates: 4.62 times more.

The attempt to make up a reality that some do not want to recognize

Curiously, in events such as those reported, many media frequently hide the nationality of the aggressor or simply do not report it if the aggressor does not have a certain profile. We have seen it in the case of the stabbings in Annecy, in France, in which a multitude of media outlets have launched to rule out that the attacker is a Christian, although there are many data that do not agree with that statement.

Surely, if the Moroccans in the events we have seen above went to mass, belonged to Opus Dei or Catholic Action, regularly attended meetings in an Evangelical Church or if they had done something that would allow them to be separated from Islam , we would have found out about it through a multitude of means. But since it is a profile that has been repeated insistently and that indicates a reality that some are determined to make up, well it is hidden and that's it.


Photo: Google Street View.

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