While giving free rein to messages from terrorist states like Russia and Iran

Twitter censors the publication of some Vox party proposals in Contando Estrelas

The application of censorship to private media for defending totally legitimate ideas seemed like things of the past.

Facts against defamations: the measures that Vox defends to protect women in Spain
Twitter imposes scandalous censorship on reporting a Russian war crime

The censorship came years ago to social networks. Twitter was one of the companies that applied this censorship in the most brazen way, until the arrival of Elon Musk. The new owner promised to restore the freedom of expression lost on that social network, but we continue to witness censorship with a clear ideological motive.

Yesterday you could read in Counting Stars an article reproducing the proposals of the Vox party to combat violence against women. These are proposals prepared by the third most voted political party in Spain, a democratic party and which defends its ideas by legal and peaceful means. As in any other entry in this blog, in this article neither violence nor hatred against anyone has been defended, but despite this, some have believed that these proposals should not reach the Spanish and they have imposed a censorship.

This is the post I made yesterday on Twitter about that article in Contando Estrelas, the Spanish edition of this website:

By clicking the link, many of you have come across this warning (can be read here, with versions in dozens of languages), also those who have clicked on the publications that others have made of the same article on their Twitter accounts:

The warning states that "this link may be unsafe", putting four points with possible causes to classify the article in Contando Estrelas as such, from "malicious links that could steal personal information" to "spammy links", through "violent or misleading content" or any other "violation of the Twitter Rules". Some false accusations that no other social network makes against this website.

Twitter not only censors Contando Estrelas, but also defames this website, in which all publications are made within the channels of the law and never include any type of appeal to hatred or to violence. With that infamous ad, Twitter makes the mere fact of disagreeing with certain ideas make you look like a criminal, something that is very reminiscent of the censorship that was imposed and continues to be imposed in totalitarian regimes.

In addition to the censorship of the link, Twitter has also censored the article in searches. It cannot be found either with the link or with the title. The most ironic thing is that they do this in the Spanish version, because the English version has not been censored, dealing with exactly the same message. Curiously, other articles on the blog have not been censored either. Apparently, someone must have been exclusively annoyed by the one that sent Vox's proposals to the Spanish public. It is a specific censorship against dissemination of a legal and legitimate message from the third most voted party in Spain.

The most grotesque thing is that Twitter imposes this censorship on this blog while allowing terrorist states like Russia and Iran to continue making propaganda on that social network, openly justifying the atrocities committed by the Russian invaders against the Ukrainian people and the Iranian repressors against their own people. Let us remember that in January, Twitter already censored one of the accounts on this website for denouncing a Russian war crime. A curious sense of freedom of expression: the regime that commits these crimes can justify them, but I get censored when I denounce one of those atrocities. And now this.

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