In it appear some of the A400M Atlas of the Wing 31 of the Spanish Air Force

'The Covenant', a movie about Afghanistan that has been filmed in a Spanish air base

Yesterday I saw "The Covenant", a Guy Ritchie film set in 2018 in the international military intervention in Afghanistan.

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The film, which is broadcast on Amazon Prime Video, stars Sergeant John Kinley of the United States Army (although the unit is not indicated, It seems that it is a group of the Special Forces), played by actor Jake Gyllenhaal. His team is assigned an Afghan actor, named Ahmed, played by Iraqi actor Dar Salim. I am not going to tell you more, if you want more information, at the end you have the announcement of the film.

When I saw the film, I was surprised to find one of the A400M Atlas transport planes of the Wing 31 of the Spanish Air Force. Specifically on these lines you can see one of the planes with in-flight refueling gondolas, the TK.23-03 (31-23), which appears at the end of the film.

In addition to that, the Zaragoza Air Base appears, with some mountains added in the background, as you can see in this image. Also featured on the base is an armored vehicle BMR-600 in desert paint. Judging by the scenarios, almost the entire film must have been shot in Spain.

The film's story is fictional, but it is a way of paying tribute to the Afghan interpreters who helped the allied forces. Hundreds of them stayed in Afghanistan with their families after the evacuation in the summer of 2021, and many of them have been killed by the Taliban. In the military aspect, the film is quite good, leaving aside the use of the Spanish A400M as American planes (with the Spanish roundels and the "Ejército del Aire" sign covered) and some other details. The story is well told and the film is entertaining, although perhaps a little too long (2 hours and 3 minutes). I leave you with the trailer:


Photos: Amazon / IMDB.

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