Infamous silence of some parties that benefit from these attacks on Vox

The violent harassment against Vox and the text that the other parties refused to sign

For four years, each electoral campaign in Spain has been marked by the attacks of the extreme left against Vox

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The third most voted party in Spain has been the object of systematic attacks by fanatics and intolerants who do not admit that conservatives have the right to express themselves freely, nostalgic for the communism they display the violent streak that this totalitarian movement has always had, and separatists who seem to want to imitate the times when ETA broke into electoral campaigns through terror against democratic political parties.

Attack of the ultra-left against a Vox tent in Vallecas

This past weekend has not been an exception to this display of hate, violence and intolerance by the most fanatical left, the same one that calls others "fascists" while she acts like the student more advantaged of fascism. In Vallecas, Madrid, the Vox booth at the Carmen festivities suffered five attacks during the weekend. As a consequence of these attacks, five left-wing extremists have been arrested. From Vox point out that there are several injured as a result of these attacks.

Far-left attack against a Vox meeting in Badalona

Likewise, in Badalona (Barcelona), the Catalan Police allowed rioters from the extreme left to demonstrate illegally a few meters from a public act by Vox, in which the deputy Ignacio Garriga participated.

As usual, the rioters from the extreme left attacked those attending the Vox event, at which time the Catalan Police formed a cordon between the legal act of that party and the illegal demonstration to break it up, but without dissolving the latter.

They attack and vandalize a Vox bus in Catalonia

Also in Catalonia, a Vox advertising bus has been attacked and vandalized by the extreme left, with broken glass and graffiti insulting Vox and Spain.

Vox proposed a manifesto to the other parties to reject violence

Remember that in June 2020 Vox promoted a "manifesto for democratic, free and peaceful elections", in which Santiago Abascal, leader of Vox, recalled the acts of violence suffered by his party in the general elections of 2019 and stated: "we want to call on the political groups and all the media to commit themselves to national concord and freedom; and to reject and condemn all kinds of violence, regardless of the ideological affiliation of the aggressor. Above political differences is coexistence, rejection of violence and the guarantee of preserving freedom of expression for all Spaniards."

No other party wanted to sign that text

On April 25, 2023, before the local and regional elections, Vox reiterated this call to the other political forces, noting the following: "No party joined". Even certain parties that boast of being "moderates", "democrats" and "constitutionalists" did not respond to this appeal. Since the other parties do not suffer the violent and systematic harassment that Vox suffers, they simply shut up and look the other way.

The infamous silence of those who benefit from violence against Vox

The problem for the other parties is that they portray that violence and their silence before it. Every time Vox cannot carry out an electoral campaign normally, suffering constant attacks by thugs from the extreme left, the beneficiaries are the other parties that can carry out their acts without being bothered. They should be the ones most interested in dispelling any suspicion in the face of a campaign of violence that harms their political rivals in Vox and gives them a political advantage over that party. This silence is an infamy that reveals the terrible democratic quality of the other parties.

The silence of Pedro Sánchez in the face of these attacks

Of the silence of the other parties, the most scandalous is the one that remains reflected in the systematic refusal of the government of Pedro Sánchez to condemn any act of violence against Vox, an attitude that should be scandalous in a country that calls itself democratic. In Spain, far from being, the Popular Party even offers a pact to those socialists who remain silent in the face of the attacks, while treating those who have been attacked as pests. What a "democrats".

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