Death threats against a Vox party candidate and a stabbing of a journalist

Far-left violence revives in Spain before July 23: Sánchez has not condemned it for 5 years

This Friday two events occurred that have met with the same response from the president of the government: silence.

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A Vox candidate is threatened with death: "you deserve a shot in the back of the head"

First of all, the extreme left has threatened to kill Jorge Campos, Vox candidate for the Balearic Islands for the general elections on July 23. The threat was made by means of a graffiti located on a wall next to the house of the Vox politician with the text "Jorge Campos deserves a shot in the neck", and an anarchist symbol.

"I've been receiving death threats from intolerant groups for years, but this time they've gone a little further. This graffiti wishing me to be shot in the back of the head was produced while side of my home: I live here", Campos stated, pointing to the wall where that threatening graffiti was made. "It is one more escalation in this claim to silence us, in this case to me, about what I have always defended, which is nothing other than the cause of Spain and Liberty."

In addition to the aforementioned death threat, another anarchist graffiti has appeared on the same wall with the text "Stab the fascist pig in the gut". Let us remember that for the extreme left "fascist" is any person who does not agree with their ideology, no matter how democratic they may be.

An far-leftist stabbed a journalist in Pontevedra

Likewise, this Friday a 25-year-old man assaulted the La Voz de Galicia office in Pontevedra, stabbing journalist Alfredo López Penide while yelling at him "I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill", attacking two other journalists and destroying the delegation's computers. The assailant is the same left-wing extremist who punched Mariano Rajoy in the face in Pontevedra during the 2015 general election campaign. He also attacked the local Vox coordinator in Pontevedra in March 2019.

As revealed by the newspaper The Objective, the perpetrator of the aggression and assault on La Voz de Galicia, Andrés de Vicente Fuentes alias "Capi", was electoral attorney of the Galician Nationalist Bloc (BNG), the Galician partners of EH Bildu, in various choices. The newspaper even publishes a photo of the attacker with the identification of a representative of that far-left separatist coalition.

Sánchez has not condemned far-left violence for 5 years

Despite the seriousness of these acts of violence by the extreme left, Pedro Sánchez has not issued a single message condemning these events. Unfortunately, this attitude of the general secretary of the Socialist Party and president of the government is nothing new. The last time Sánchez condemned an attack by the far-left was on April 2, 2018, when a group calling itself "anti-fascist" painted graffiti at the PSOE headquarters in Castellón with the text "Free political prisoners". Sánchez then denounced "the harassment of the intolerant" and expressed his "condemnation of this regrettable act."

A few months after that graffiti, the leader of the far-leftist party Podemos, Pablo Iglesias launched an "anti-fascist alert" against a democratic party, Vox, which resulted in 42 attacks on the Vox headquarters in two years, as well as a multitude of attacks and death threats against members of that party, with more than a hundred complaints of death threats and 93 complaints of harassment and assaults, according to data published by Vox.

Sánchez even remained silent in the face of attacks on Vox deputies

This wave of violence from the extreme left included a stone was thrown to the forehead of Vox deputy Rocío de Meer in Sestao (Vizcaya) in June 2020, attacks on two Vox deputies in Barcelona in September 2020 and throwing stones at Vox deputy Ángel López and other Vox members in Vallecas (Madrid) in April 2021. Attacking political representatives elected at the polls is something very serious in a democracy, but Sánchez has not condemned any of these attacks, and the PSOE has even refused to condemn violence against Vox in various institutions.

Two Sánchez ministers even justified attacks against Vox

Let us also remember that the communist partners in the Sánchez government, Podemos, not only have not condemned these attacks but two ministers even justified the throwing stones against Vox in Vallecas. Spain is the only country in Europe in which members of the government justify attacks on their political rivals, in addition to refusing to condemn them. It must be remembered that the clearest difference between an extremist and a democrat is the refusal of the first to condemn violence against his rivals and even his desire to justify it.

Yesterday's events are the consequence of a government that does not condemn violence from the extreme left and even encourages it, something inappropriate for a government that claims to be democratic. If this far-left violence revives again a few days before the general elections on July 23, it is, to a large extent, because Sánchez has not condemned it for five years, and that while he is dedicated to demonizing the opposition democracy, and in particular Vox, the party that has suffered the most from this violence from the extreme left. This government has become a danger to coexistence and democracy.


Photo: PSOE.

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