Regarding an article in La Razón that seems more like a bad joke

Vicente Vallés, the utility of the Popular Party and the utility of Vox: let's make the comparison

The Popular Party and its related media have not had enough to support the strategy of the left in its campaign against Vox.

If no other party had contested the elections, the PP would have an absolute majority
The role of GAD3 in the frustrating result of the center-right in the Spanish elections

The PP and its related media, determined to liquidate Vox

An example of this is the article signed by Vicente Vallés yesterday in La Razón, one of the media closest to the PP, entitled "The utility of Vox". The text is an example of the idea of the PP that I analyzed here yesterday, an idea that maintains that Vox should disappear so that the PP has more votes. The most astonishing thing is that this thesis is exposed after the PP has managed to govern in communities that were in the hands of the socialists thanks to the support of Vox. So much ingratitude already stinks.

They want Vox's support for nothing

Vallés laments the "Vox effort to impose its presence" on regional executives who would not be from the PP without Vox's support. I could regret the PP's efforts to demand Vox's support in exchange for nothing, an effort that is based on another idea that the PP has deeply internalized: the idea that the votes of Vox belongs to the PP and it has to return them. That we voters are adult people and give our vote to whoever we decide seems to be something that is beyond their understanding. By the way, demanding favors in exchange for nothing sounds very good when you ask someone else: does Vallés get paid for writing in La Razón? Or is he efforted to impose to be paid for it?

Free competition seen as a problem

The most revealing thing about Vallés' article is what he says below: "PP and Vox have added 48% of the votes and 169 seats this July 23. In the 2011 elections, Rajoy's PP , with no other competing party on the right, obtained only 44.6% of the votes, but achieved a large absolute majority of 186 deputies.

Yesterday I pointed out here that the PP's desire to liquidate Vox exhibited its particular idea of free competition on the political level. On the same day, Vallés lamented that there was competition to the right of the PP, lest there be voters who prefer the alternative because they consider themselves better represented by it. Can you imagine La Razón asking for Abc to disappear in order to have more readers? Well, what Vallés suggests is that but applied to politics.

The curious utility of the PP: the fiscal looting of Rajoy

For the rest, it is funny that Vallés appeals to a useless person like Rajoy to doubt the usefulness of Vox. Let's remember that Rajoy came to power in 2011 promising change ("Join the change", said his slogan in the 2011 general elections) and the first thing he did was raise taxes, just as the Socialists had done. In fact, the Rajoy government made 40 tax increases in its first two years. If we add to that the fact that he did not repeal any of the ideological laws of the left, that Vallés presents him as an example of use to right-wing voters seems like a bad joke.

The inaction of the PP and the action of Vox against the separatist coup of 2017

But we could add more. In October 2017, the Rajoy government allowed a separatist coup to take place in Catalonia, hiding behind the Constitutional Court and not applying Article 155 to suspend Catalan autonomy until after the coup was completed . It was Vox who brought the coup leaders to court in January 2017, since then the coup was already on going. Two years later, when the perpetrators of the coup were convicted thanks to the legal action by Vox, the PP claimed credit without having done anything. This is the utility of the PP.

Vox's resources against Sánchez while PP and PSOE divided up the institutions

Likewise, it was Vox that appealed to the Constitutional Court (TC) the illegal states of alarm of Pedro Sánchez, resources that ended with the government's condemnation of having infringed fundamental rights and for illegally closing Congress. The PP could have filed these appeals, but it did not. Two years later, the PP granted control of the TC to the left until 2031, in one more episode of the indecent distribution of Justice and institutions by the PP and the PSOE. Let's remember that already in 2021, the PP handed over control of the RTVE council to the PSOE, the Court of Auditors and the office of the Ombudsman. That is what the PP has served for, Mr. Vallés: so that the socialists have colonized our democratic institutions.

Vox against the socialist laws and the PP offering a pact to Sánchez

And so we come to the last general elections. While Vox proposed repealing the ideological laws of the left, the PP opted to leave almost all of them intact, as it did during Rajoy's term with that absolute majority that Mr. Vallés yearns for so much. But that was not enough for Feijóo: the PP president offered Sánchez a pact so he would not have to agree with Vox. He did it live and in front of millions of Spaniards, after having stated that his purpose was "repealing Sanchism". And after all this, Vicente Vallés now comes to tell us that the problem on the right is Vox and not the PP, which has been acting like the left's useful idiot. As I said: a bad joke.


Photo: Antena 3.

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