These coups were bloodier than the coup d'état of February 23, 1981

In the Spanish Congress there are two parties that participated in coups: they are neither PP nor Vox

In Spain we have a government that try to agree with a coup plotter and at the same time calls "coupist" anyone who defends democracy and the Constitution.

The hoax of La Sexta and the government of Pedro Sánchez to accuse Aznar of “coupist”
Pedro Sánchez said he would imitate a socialist leader who led a coup d'état

The cynicism of a left that called a dictatorship "democratic"

This exercise of cynicism is not something new on the left. Let us remember that the communists had the audacity to call a dictatorship "democratic Germany" while they baptized the sum of deadly obstacles created to prevent East Germans from fleeing from that dictatorship as an "anti-fascist protection wall". The Spanish left has proven to be a shameless manipulator, capable of going to the extreme of calling it a "right" to murder innocent and defenseless human beings and of accusing those who defend linguistic freedom and freedom of education as "fascists".

Faced with such a left, we should not limit ourselves to defensive attitudes. In the face of cynics who attribute their vices and evils to others, clarity and firmness are needed. And with regard to the coup, I will not limit myself to saying that defending the rule of law and the Constitution has nothing of a coup plotter. On the contrary: the coup is to criminalize those who defend the constitutional order, the coup is to call "coup" someone who opposes a government that intends to ensure its re-election by buying the support of a fugitive from Justice with measures that violate the Constitution, as is the case of the amnesty that Puigdemont demands.

The PSOE and ERC were involved in two bloody coups d'état

And since we are talking about a coup, it is worth remembering that currently, in the Spanish Parliament there are two parties that participated in two bloody coups d'état, and I say "bloody" because those coups resulted in dozens of deaths, something that did not even happen in the coup d'état of February 23, 1981. Those parties are the PSOE and its friends, the ERC separators.

The socialists carried out their coup on October 5, 1934 in Asturias against a democratic government, after spending several months threatening a civil war if the right-wing won the elections and came to power. One of the ringleaders of that coup was Francisco Largo Caballero, whom Pedro Sánchez said he would imitate in a speech given in 2021. As for the ERC separatists, they began their coup the day after the PSOE, on October 6, 1934, led by Lluís Companys, president of ERC, also against a democratically elected government and, as in 2017, trying to break the unity of Spain by force.

Today they have streets and monuments dedicated to the ringleaders of those coups

Neither the PSOE nor ERC have ever asked for forgiveness for those bloody coups, nor have they asked for forgiveness from the people who were murdered by the coup plotters. What's more: they have had the audacity to erect monuments and dedicate streets to Largo Caballero and Companys, presenting these totalitarians as great democrats. Some monuments that all taxpayers have been forced to pay for. And they also have the audacity to present themselves as defenders of "democratic memory", trying to impose on the rest of us the sectarian and distorted vision of history that the left maintains.

The PP and Vox have always defended their ideas through democratic and peaceful means

Regardless of the opinion that each one has about both parties, there is an objective fact: the PP and Vox have always defended their ideas through democratic and peaceful means, and both parties have had to endure the violence of the thugs of the extreme left and separatism, often without receiving a single show of solidarity from either the PSOE or ERC. The left-wing has no right to give democracy lessons to anyone in Spain: in any case it should start receiving them, because its way of acting in politics exhibits authoritarian attitudes and a tremendous disregard for legality constitutionalfor too many years now.


Photo: Efe. Gabriel Rufián, ERC deputy, passing next to Pedro Sánchez in the Congress of Deputies.

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