Spain, the only EU government allied with a party related to terrorism

Bildu splashes Pedro Sánchez again by refusing to condemn tributes to terrorists

Can anyone imagine a European country whose government is allied with a party that pays tribute to terrorist murderers?

Pro-ETA partners of Pedro Sánchez pay tribute to an ETA terrorist
The favors to ETA for which Pedro Sánchez does not want anyone to talk about those terrorists

That idea seems aberrant, but it is precisely what happens in Spain. Pedro Sánchez's government has as an ally EH Bildu, a far-left separatist party that has never condemned the more than 800 murders perpetrated by the terrorist group ETA, including the murders of children. Two months ago, EH Bildu voted against a tribute to Miguel Ángel Blanco, a Popular Party councilor kidnapped and murdered by ETA with two shots to the back of the head.

Meanwhile, tributes continue to be paid to ETA murderers in which members of Bildu participate, something intolerable in a democratic country. If this infamy is tolerated by the Spanish government it is because Pedro Sánchez needs the support of Bildu to govern, and that is why he has not stopped doing favors for that separatist organization, favors from which ETA's murderers have been benefiting.

Yesterday, the Basque Parliament voted on an initiative condemning tributes to ETA terrorists. Bildu was the only party that voted against. All the other parties supported the initiative, which also rejected the classification of ETA murderers as "political prisoners" . Precisely this is how Bildu qualifies these criminals, as if their murders had been mere acts of political propaganda.

This vote takes place in the middle of the process of appointing a new government in Spain. Sánchez aspires to get re-election with the support of Bildu, that is, the same party that calls murderers "political prisoners" and that refuses to condemn tributes to terrorists. This alliance of the Spanish socialists is unique in the European Union: there is no other European government allied with a party related to terrorism. Pedro Sánchez does not reject this perverse alliance because for him the most important thing is to remain in power at whatever cost, even allying himself with the enemies of Spain and democracy. Will the European Commission have something to say about this, or do they only have eyes for what is happening in Poland and Hungary?


Photo: EH Bildu.

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