The comedian suffers a lynching for an opinion full of common sense

Ángel Martín and the war of the sexes: this is how leftist feminism imposes its censorship

Leftist feminism is no longer content with promoting a war of the sexes: they want to turn our democracies into dictatorships.

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The new 'class struggle' that the left-wing tries to create

I have been warning for years that the left has appropriated feminism to generate social conflicts. Originally he wanted to appropriate the workers by creating a "class struggle" between proletarians and bourgeois. Since it failed, now it is trying by creating a "fight of the sexes" in which women are the oppressed and men are the oppressors. We are faced with an ideology that condemns you for being male, without further ado. A fanatical ideology promoted by intolerant people who do not tolerate discrepancy.

We are facing a low and mean way of dividing society into good and bad for having been born as they are, blaming all evils on certain people not because of their actions, but because of their nature. It is not something new: anti-Semitism has been doing something similar with Jews for many years, using them as a scapegoat to blame for any problem. It is incredible that in a democratic society we tolerate something like this, but that is what happens when we allow parties with a totalitarian mentality to design our laws.

A comedian criticizes the attempt to create a 'war of the sexes'

Yesterday we had a new example that illustrates the threat to democracy that this feminist fanaticism poses. The Spanish comedian Ángel Martín, a man I didn't know at all until a few hours ago, posted a video on Twitter that has had millions of views. In it she defended pure logic against feminist fanaticism:

"We know that not all guys are assholes and not all girls are idiots, right? I mean, we are clear about this, right? I ask this because sometimes I have the feeling that They are trying to generate a kind of third world war that will end up being men against womenand it worries me a little."

Ángel Martín added in the video:

"There are things that I do not discuss. That there are men who are bags of shit, that is something we all know. It is indisputable. And, although I am not a woman, I suspect that we will agree that there are also women that are better to keep far away, okay? I understand that we all agree. But I'm beginning to suspect that if we continue to radicalize and generalize every time one of one side or the other do something that is clearly miserable, we will end up creating walls so high that those who come behind will have a hard time knowing how to approach the other to say “hey, I like you”, without fear of receiving a response from him or her. “I'll blow you up if you get close”."

Ángel Martín suffers a lynching and no longer dares to give his opinion

For saying something so full of common sense, Ángel Martín has received an avalanche of insults from left-wing fanatics, people who believe that criminalizing all foreigners for what a minority does is very wrong (and They are right in that) but at the same time they consider that criminalizing all men for what a minority does is something correct. Obviously, the problem of these fans is not with Ángel Martín, or even with all of us who do not have the same opinion as them. The problem is with logic, with reality and with common sense, in whose place they try to install irrational and absurd ideological dogmas, and they do not tolerate anyone to discuss them.

This is how freedom of expression and democracy ends. Just watch the following video published yesterday by Ángel Martín: the comedian no longer dared to express any opinion, while a man, behind him, warned him that he was going to get into "another mess".

A fanaticism promoted by the government

That there is a minority of fanatical people is something normal. Sadly normal, I mean. In any society, no matter how healthy it may be, you will always find foolish people willing to crush others for having a different opinion. The problem comes when this fanaticism is promoted by the government and some media outlets, which is what is happening in Spain. What we have then is more and more people brainwashed by irrational, absurd and stupid ideas about men and women. In case some have not realized, what happened with Ángel Martín is an example of how the left imposes censorship through violence, because verbal violence is also violence. In fact, it is the most frequent form of harassment and coercion, starting with schools and institutes.

The left is encouraging harassment among the youngest

One of the most alarming things about what is happening is that adults are transmitting to children and young people the message that violence is a valid method to impose your desires and opinions on others. It is a way of encouraging harassment in educational centers, where this phenomenon already reaches alarming proportions. This is done by adults who believe they are very mature and who even believe they have the right to teach the rest of us how to be good democrats. In reality, this increasingly radicalized and fanatical left is the closest thing we have in Spain to the true fascism that it claims to abhor so much.


Photo: @angelmartin_nc.

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