In 2021, Irene Montero justified attacks against members of Vox in Madrid

Good education encourages precisely not to greet those who justify violence

In a democratic society, one of the most basic norms is that no one is entitled to use violence for political reasons.

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The tense meeting between Irene Montero and Marta Fernández

Today there has been a controversy because in an institutional event in Aragon, the minister Irene Montero has denied the greeting to the president of the Parliament of Aragón, Marta Fernández Martín, who is a member of Vox. Irene Montero has also done so spewing a slur in support of abortion, as she herself has acknowledged. A lack of respect to which is added the aberration of defending a crime against the most innocent and defenseless, a crime that Marta Fernández rejects.

Given this attitude, many media outlets have accused Marta Fernández of not greeting Montero or her companion, Ángela Rodríguez "Pam". A new manipulation. One more. Marta Fernández has been quite polite, who did not take the opportunity to ask Montero and his companion when they are going to resign due to causing a reduction in sentences for more than a thousand rapists. For that reason alone, Montero and Pam deserve not to be shaken by their hands, but to have their backs turned.

In 2021, Montero justified attacks in Madrid against members of Vox

In addition to that, we must remember that two years ago, Podemos leaders justified attacks on members of Vox in Madrid, during a public event called by that party in Vallecas. One of the people who justified these attacks was Irene Montero. That was the first time that members of the government justified attacks against political rivals in all the years that we have had democracy in Spain. For that reason alone, Irene Montero should have been dismissed.

From the moment that Podemos justifies violence, the forms of courtesy with that party are superfluous, just as the forms of courtesy with Bildu are superfluous. Podemos has jumped a red line that no one should cross in democracy, which is the justification of violence against political rivals. By doing this, Podemos has become a party that does not deserve greetings, cordiality or displays of refined courtesy. Good education encourages, precisely, not to be friendly with those who not respect the rules of coexistence. Those who justify violence against their rivals deserve all the signs of rejection they can receive.

For this reason, my applause to Marta Fernández. Spain would do much better if all politicians acted against violent people as decisively as the members of Vox do.

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