A blatant display of double standards by communist minister Irene Montero

The cynicism of favoring a thousand rapists and then making a scandal over a kiss

The left has a tendency to commit the greatest atrocities and at the same time feign moral outrage over any trifle.

They knew what they were doing: the far-left justifies the reduction of sentences for rapists
The new favor to rapists approved by the Spanish left-wing with applause

In recent days we are witnessing a new example that illustrates this leftist cynicism. The protagonist of the example is the communist minister Irene Montero, the main person in charge of a law that has reduced the sentences of more than 1,000 rapists and released more than 100, causing a serious political scandal and generating fear and insecurity among the victims of these sexual predators.

In any other European country, a minister like Irene Montero should have resigned months ago, and would surely be facing criminal consequences for her actions, as from Podemos, Montero's party, they justified this penalty reduction with the stupid argument that "machismo cannot be solved by jail, women are not protected because they have a more severe Penal Code". So, it was not an accidental favor to the rapists and pedophiles: they knew what they were doing. In fact, there were already precedents. Let's remember that in 1995 the socialists of the PSOE had already lowered the sentences for rapists and pedophiles, causing even sexual offenders whose victims were minors to be released.

Well then: instead of resigning, instead of keeping quiet and avoiding reminding us that a person so loaded with hate and so little shame is still a minister and receiving a generous public salary, Irene Montero has begun to pontificate about whether a kiss is "sexual violence", in relation to the controversy over the kiss between the president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, and the player Jenni Hermoso, after the victory of the Spanish team in the women's football world cup. A fact to which the player herself has downplayed importance.

Regardless of the player's opinion, Montero has started to rave about "consent", I insist, after causing the release of more than a hundred rapists with the disastrous law he promoted last year. Apparently, for this communist minister the problem is not that more than a hundred sexual offenders are released prematurely because of her and that they can rape again. No. What she is concerned about is that two adults exchange a kiss, without either of them seeing a reason to denounce this fact.

This minister who treats an adult woman as if she were a child, whom she has to defend even ignoring her opinion on the fact in question, at the same time has not issued a measly apology for criminally benefiting more than a thousand rapists. They have not dedicated a minute of their attention to the victims of these monsters, who are seeing their pain increase due to the aggression they suffered upon learning of the frivolous favor granted to these rapists by the same government that was supposed to protect their victims. You, Mrs. Montero, should be exhibiting your cynical communist prudishness in a prison.


Photo: Efe.

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