It intends to expropriate religious schools violating constitutional rights

Podemos wants to impose on children a type of school with more abuses than religious schools

The extreme left has not been slow to show the purpose of the hate campaign it has unleashed against the Catholic Church in Spain.

The socialist Gabilondo detects many more abuses in non-religious schools than in the Church but he only points out the Church
Sexual abuse against children and the infamous attitude of the Spanish left

Podemos exhibits its totalitarian streak: it demands the expropriation of religious schools

After the presentation of the socialist Gabilondo's report on abuses in the Church, with some crude manipulations to turn 487 known cases into 445,000, The far-left party Podemos, government partner of Pedro Sánchez, did not want to wait even 24 hours to display its totalitarian intentions. In information published by the ultra-left Diario Red, Podemos has demanded the expropriation of the religious schools, in these terms: "all schools, private and subsidized, that today are in the hands of the Catholic Church must immediately transfer to the public network of direct management."

Podemos refused to investigate 99.8% of the abuses because they did not affect the Church

Podemos defends this measure by alleging that "an institution that has repeatedly hidden and silenced sexual assaults on minors is disqualified from managing schools". This statement sounds quite cynical coming from Podemos, which refused to investigate sexual abuse of minors under the guardianship of left-wing governments supported by that party, specifically in the autonomous communities of the Balearic Islands (16 victims) and Valencian Community (127 victims).

Let us also remember that last year Podemos voted against investigating 99.8% of the abuses of minors in Spain, pretending that only the cases be investigated that affect the Church, which are 0.2% of the total according to data from the ANAR Foundation. In that vote, both Podemos and its PSOE partners already demonstrated how little they care about the victims of these terrible crimes, making it clear that they are only interested in investigating those cases that they can use against the Church, ignoring all others.

The human and constitutional rights that Podemos's measure would violate

It should be noted that the proposal made yesterday by Podemos would violate several articles of the Constitution and several International Treaties signed by Spain. Regarding our constitutional framework, the expropriation of religious schools would violate the right to religious freedom (Article 16), the right to freedom of teaching and strong>freedom to create educational centers (Article 27), the right to private property (Article 33) and freedom of business (Article 38).

Likewise, and only with regard to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Podemos's plans would violate the right to property and not to be arbitrarily deprived of it (Article 17), religious freedom (Article 18, which establishes the teaching as one of the areas of exercise of that right) and freedom of education (Article 26). It is well known that communists do not feel the slightest respect for any of these rights, and Podemos is still a communist party and, therefore, totalitarian, but that does not mean that it can do what it wants. It makes sense in a democratic country.

Table that appears on page 172 of the report of the Ombudsman, which indicates the scope of sexual abuse of those who responded to the GAD3 survey. In the non-religious educational field the percentage is higher (9.6%) than in the religious educational field (5.9%) and in the religious field (4.6%), but the report only focuses on the Catholic Church and ignores the cases that occurred in secular schools.

Podemos wants to impose on children the teaching model with the most abuse

Finally, Podemos seems not to have read the report published yesterday by the Ombudsman, because the survey that includes that document indicates that 9.6% of those surveyed suffered abuse in the NON-religious educational field, a figure much higher than the cases in religious schools, which are 5.9%. Aside from the fact that this survey is very questionable, the ANAR Foundation report (see PDF) on sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence between 2008 and 2019 has already revealed what the profile is most common among abusers:

Graph on the condition of perpetrators of sexual abuse of minors in Spain between 2008 and 2019 (Source: Fundación ANAR).

In this table, the abuses committed by a teacher were 3.7% of the total and those committed by a priest were 0.2%. The ANAR Foundation study did not indicate the type of schools of these teachers. The survey included in the report published yesterday indicates that abuse is more frequent in non-religious schools.

If Podemos really had any concern about abuse, right now it would be demanding an investigation into these much more numerous cases of abuse in non-religious schools, without excluding the other areas in which these crimes occur , of course, but that would destroy the true goal of this campaign, which is to criminalize all Catholics for the acts of a tiny minority, a crude generalization that is typical of the totalitarian parties that They dedicate themselves to pointing out entire social groups.

Putting children at risk to fuel hate and create distraction

Instead of investigating what is happening in non-religious education, We can try to force children to go to a teaching model where abuses are more frequent than in religious education. They had already shown that cases of abuse outside the scope of the Church matter very little to them, but this is worse: they are willing to put children at risk to continue fueling hatred among Spaniards and distracting people from their terrible performance in the government, with events as scandalous as the massive reduction of sentences for rapists by a law promoted by that party. This is what happens when you put unscrupulous agitators in government.


Photo: Europa Press. The Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda, Lilith Verstrynge (left) and the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, in the Congress of Deputies on February 22, 2023.

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