The left-wing encourages violence by amnestying that of its separatist allies

The socialist coup against democracy pushes Spain into a civil confrontation

Spain is experiencing its darkest hours in decades, with a government that has decided to break the separation of powers to cling to power.

TREASON: Pedro Sánchez hands over Spain and the rule of law to the fugitive Puigdemont
The Spanish Judiciary describes the pact between the PSOE and Puigdemont as “a flagrant attack on the separation of powers”

The Judiciary, judges and prosecutors reject this blow to the rule of law

The pact between the Socialist Party (PSOE) and the fugitive Puigdemont, announced this Thursday, has received the rejection of the General Council of the Judiciary (which describes the agreement as "a flagrant attack on the separation of powers"), the rejection of the associations of judges (including the one most related to the Socialist Party: they denounce that it is an "interference in judicial independence and bankruptcy of the separation of powers") and the rejection of prosecutors' associations (including the one closest to the left). Never has a measure related to Justice received such harsh and unanimous rejection in the judicial field in Spain, and it has never reached such a serious extreme.

A pact that grants impunity to criminals allied with the government

What the pact between socialists and separatists means is that any politician related to the government or its allies will be able to commit crimes with impunity, and it will be the judges who try to prosecute them if they are investigated by the political power. It is an absolute breakdown of the separation of powers that leads us to a situation typical of a dictatorship. What is characteristic of a democracy is the existence of judicial independence that places limits on the exercise of political power. What Pedro Sánchez has agreed with the separatists is to burst the democratic dams against abuses of power.

A serious attack against coexistence between Spaniards

In addition to that, the government creates a dangerous situation by amnesty and erasing serious crimes committed by Catalan separatists, including crimes of corruption, terrorism and street violence. Trying to disguise this as a gesture to improve coexistence is a mockery of the Spanish people. In a democracy, coexistence requires that we are all equally subject to the rule of law, without anyone having privileges to commit crimes with total impunity. What this pact establishes, impunity for crimes committed by separatists, is a serious attack against coexistence between Spaniards, and its effects have only begun to be felt.

The government encourages violence by amnestying that of its allies

These days there have been many protests in the streets of Spain, led by Spaniards who feel outraged at this attack against our democracy. These protests have been mostly peaceful and only a small group of rioters, about whose authentic intentions and ideological identity there would be much to discuss, have carried out acts of violence in Madrid.

In a crude way of trying to criminalize all those who oppose this blow to democracy, the left and its media outlets have launched themselves to criminalize these protests while blessing the amnesty of much worse acts of violence , such as those perpetrated in Catalonia by separatist activists, some of whom are being prosecuted for terrorism. A government that grants impunity to violent criminals because they are its allies loses all legitimacy to condemn the violence of others, since any condemnation of violence lacks credibility if exceptions are made based on the ideology of the perpetrators. criminals. With this pact of impunity for violent separatism, what the Spanish left does is encourage violence, by rewarding it with a criminal privilege in the case of its allies.

This coup pushes Spain into a civil confrontation

Nothing can destroy coexistence in a country more than an injustice as evident as treating the violence of some or others unequally depending on their ideology, leaving violent separatists unpunished. In a country in which some can set fire to the streets with impunity, perpetrate a coup d'état and commit crimes of corruption and go unpunished, while the law is imposed with all rigor on others, even down to the minor infractions, peaceful coexistence is impossible. That is no longer a democracy: it is the government of a mafia that imposes its will above the laws.

In this sense, the socialist coup against democracy announced yesterday pushes Spain into a civil confrontation, a confrontation that may not materialize in a civil war like the one that Spain tragically suffered between 1936 and 1939 ( a war whose trigger was the murder of an opposition leader at the hands of socialist gunmen, let us not forget), but will take the form of public disorder and incentivized acts of disobedience by a government that leaves such conduct unpunished for its allies.

The serious effects of breaking two of the pillars of democracy

In September I already warned here that if the law is not the same for everyone, then it is not a law, and its deterrent effect on society is suppressed by an irresponsible government that decides, by simple will, that some are exempt from respecting it. I also warned then that Sánchez was going to provoke a serious social conflict, which is what happens when one of the pillars of our democracy is destroyed, such as equality before the law. Well, in addition to breaking that pillar, he has decided to break another one: the separation of powers. This does not favor coexistence: what this leads to is its destruction. Pedro Sánchez and his party know this, but like so many other times, they have put their desires above any other consideration.


Photo: Europa Press.

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