A new and stupid controversy on the left-wing about racism in Spain

What will happen when the left finds out that Daniel Craig is neither Jewish nor Polish?

The political and media left has specialized in creating controversies about trivial things while trying to whitewash the worst crimes.

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They classify as 'racism' that a person who is not black plays King Baltasar

Let's look at an example: in Madrid there is a far-left party called "Más Madrid" that in October stood out from a minute of silence for the victims of the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel. This did not surprise anyone: as we saw here in April last year, the extreme left promotes anti-Semitism and does not bother to hide its hatred of Israel for the mere fact of being a Jewish State.

Well: yesterday, a councilor from that party, Rita Maestre, famous for attacking a Catholic chapel in March 2011 along with other far-left activists, called it "racism" that there are white people painting their faces to play King Baltasar, one of the Three Wise Men. Thus, we must assume that the fact that a person impersonates someone of another race is racism, according to the left, since the opinion of that councilor has been subscribed to by a multitude of ideologically related people and by the far-left newspaper Público.

The new racism promoted by the left

This kind of nonsense is not new. The left tries to transfer to race the same scheme of class struggle that it has already successfully transferred to sex, convincing many people (even people who say they are not left-wing) that there is a oppressive sex (men) and an oppressed sex (women). In this new scheme, whites are the oppressors and other races are the oppressed. For this reason, lately the extreme left speaks of "racialized" people to refer to those who are not white (Más Madrid mentions them like this in its program).

In reality, what is deeply racist is judging people by their race and not by their actions, like doing the left. A white person is not racist or oppressor just because they were born with that skin color, in the same way that there are people of other races who are deeply racist and who dedicate themselves to oppressing others. The left has a collectivist vice of origin, a tendency to blame entire groups for all kinds of evils, first for their social class (as Marxism initially did) and now also for their sex and their race. Before the culprits were the "bourgeois" and now the culprits are the men and the whites.

Of course, this collectivism is as aberrant, totalitarian and unjust as nazi racism, which considered that certain people were guilty of all kinds of evils for the mere fact of being Jewish. The stinking racist thing is this leftist collectivism, and not that someone plays the role of King Balthazar without being black.

The left will not say anything about Daniel Craig

Significantly, the ultra-left generally includes Jews in the white race (this may be why anti-Semitism is so abundant at that end of the political map), ignoring that there are Jews who come from North Africa and even black Jews, mostly from Ethiopia. There are many non-Jewish actors who have played Jewish roles, in the same way that there are actors of a certain nationality who have acted as characters from other countries. For example, in the film "Defiance" (2008), actor Daniel Craig played the role of Tuvia Bielski, a Polish Jew, without being Jewish or Polish. Nobody made a scandal about it, neither in Poland nor in Israel. The left made no complaints. It must be that he reserves them for those who pretend to be King Baltasar...


Main image: Daniel Craig in the role of Tuvia Bielski in the film "Defiance" (2008).

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