“The raising of children by homosexual couples is much better,” he said

Polish People's Party deputy accuses Catholic parents of torturing their children

Certain political parties have a propensity to attack Catholics in a way that they would not dare to do with other social groups.

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A clear attack on Catholic marriages

In the last few hours there has been a strong controversy in Poland over some statements by Radosław Lubczyk, deputy of the Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe (PSL, Polish People's Party, one of the Polish partners of the European People's Party and s leisure of the current coalition government headed by Donald Tusk) to Radio Szczecin. Media like PolskieRadio24.pl, wPolityce.pl, Onet and DoRzeczy.pl have echoed that statement, related to a draft law on civil unions:

"I am convinced, I am sure, that the raising of children by homosexual couples is much better and these children are much more loved than those of marriages celebrated in the Catholic Church, whose children are very often tortured."

The video with the recording of these statements has been published by wpolskimmiescie.pl:

From the conservative party Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (PiS, Law and Justice, Polish partners of the Spanish party Vox), deputy Jacek Sasin has pointed out: "The PSL politicians reveal the next points of their program. This time an attack on the church, the traditional family and the promotion of the adoption of children by homosexual couples. A few weeks before the elections, all the masks fall."

Lubczyk publishes a statement in response to the controversy caused by his words

Given the controversy caused by his statements on Radio Szczecin, Radosław Lubczyk has published a statement today in which he says: "Every child deserves to love and be loved, and every person must be good by nature. It doesn't matter who raises children. It is important that they instill good values in them: love, warmth and respect for other people."

It is worth wondering if his idea of respect includes Catholic families, in view of his controversial statements on the aforementioned radio station. Let us remember that Poland is a predominantly Catholic country, and Lubczyk's words are equivalent to saying that the majority of Poles torture their children. All this while he collects a public salary from the same citizens he insults.

The controversial ideological positions of the Polish partners of the EPP

For the rest, the partners of the European People's Party in Poland are doing the same as socialists and communists in other countries. Let us remember that in 2020, the Polish partners of the PP supported an anti-Catholic riot with attacks on churches, in response to the ban on eugenic abortion by the Constitutional Court.

Likewise, in October 2019, the other Polish partner of the European People's Party, Platforma Obywatelska (PO, Citizens' Platform, headed by current Prime Minister Donald Tusk), rejected an anti-pedophile law supported by the Law and Justice party, dedicating itself to spreading false news about its content. As we already saw here, this law prohibits promoting pedophilia and sexual relations with minors. In November 2019, in another example of its aberrant ideological drift, the European People's Party rejected this law in Brussels, uniting its votes with the socialists and the extreme left.


Photo: Radosław Lubczyk - Poseł na Sejm RP.

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