Something as infamous as authorizing a nazi march in Madrid on January 27

The insult of the left against the victims of the Holocaust and the complicit media silence

I have been trying for years to contribute, from here, to ensuring that the horrific atrocities committed by the Nazis during the Holocaust are not forgotten.

Spain: a Sánchez minister attends a march organized by an antisemitic terrorist group
The Sánchez government allows a march of a Palestinian terrorist group in Madrid

Therefore, I feel a mixture of disgust and shame when seeing what is happening in the West and specifically in my country, Spain. The left has allied itself with Islamism, with the new Nazis, in a new blood libel against the Jewish people, a libel that accuses of "genocide" the people who suffered the worst genocide of the 20th century.

This false accusation launched against Israel is based on figures provided by a terrorist group that seeks to erase Jews from the face of the Earth, and that criminalizes a democratic country that exercises its right to legitimate defense after suffering the worst terrorist attack in its history and the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.

In the world there are criminal regimes like the communist dictatorship of China, which has been committing genocide against the Uyghur people for years; Putin's Russia, which has been massacring Ukrainian civilians for two years in an invasion whose methods increasingly resemble those of nazism; the socialist dictatorship of Syria, which has committed several massacres against the civilian population of its own country; and the communist dictatorship of North Korea, which has reduced millions of Koreans to the status of slaves and sends several generations of the same family to concentration camps for political reasons.

As we have seen for years, the left does not accuse any of them of "genocide", but it does accuse Israel. You don't have to be a fortune teller to find the reason why a democracy like Israel is pointed out by the same people who remain silent in the face of the worst dictatorships. Israel is a Jewish State and the others are not. That changes everything in the eyes of antisemites, because in the West we have a left that has been fueling anti-Semitism for many years.

We have a clear example of this in Spain. This week, the government of socialists and communists headed by Pedro Sánchez authorized a march called by a terrorist, anti-Semitic and Holocaust denier group. That group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), is on the list of terrorist organizations classified by the European Union. Despite this, the government not only did not prohibit that march but one of his ministers joined it.

In case it didn't come with that, that march was held yesterday, January 27, precisely the day that commemorates the victims of the Holocaust. What we have seen in Spain would cause a scandal in other European countries, even in some governed by the left. It is something as infamous and criminal as having authorized a nazi march with swastika flags. And it has not been done by a right-wing government or what some call "extreme right": it has created a left-wing government that boasts of combating "hate", as long as it is not about hatred of Jews, of course.

What the Spanish left did yesterday is an outrage to the victims of the Holocaust, but to be fair it must be said that the responsibility is not exclusively theirs. It is astonishing to see that this terrorist and anti-Semitic march, supported by a minister, has been silenced by the majority of the media, starting with the main television channels and the most popular newspapers. The same media that turns any gesture by the Vox conservatives into a controversy, at the same time without further ado hides something as extremely serious as what we saw yesterday, and they do it, coincidentally, while el government invests unprecedented amounts in covert subsidies to the media in the form of institutional advertising.

I beg that left and those media to stop pretending that they care about the victims of the Holocaust. If at some point they pretended to care, it was because they were Jews who were massacred, in the vast majority of cases, without defending themselves. This seems to be the ideal Jew for the anti-Semitic left and for the media that covers it up: the one who allows himself to be killed, whether out of fear, extreme physical weakness or being taken to the gas chambers through deception. They stopped liking the Jewish people when they decided to defend themselves from those who want to exterminate them. Hypocrites!


Photo: Keystone/Hulton Archive. Jews with their hands raised during the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto at the hands of nazi Germany.

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