A review of the absurdity and irrationality into which this signaling has fallen

The mutant reasons why today you can be accused of being a fascist by the left-wing

There was a time when it seemed relatively easy to identify a fascist. Or at least that's what we believed. Now it's getting harder.

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A long time ago, a fascist was someone who defended a dictatorship, gave the Roman salute and exhibited a speech that was a mixture of nationalism and socialism (in fact, German fascism was called "national-socialism "for something). However, today the accusation of being "extreme right" has become something mutant, to such an extent that it is very possible that today you will be considered a democrat and tomorrow a fascist without having changed any of your beliefs. opinions.

If machismo is left-wing, rejecting it makes you a fascist

Let's look at some examples. One of the usual ingredients to be identified as a fascist was being a sexist. Fascism was supposed to be an ideology that wanted to discriminate against women, or so the left said. However, a few days ago, the socialist Pedro Sánchez associated being a "facha" (fascista) with the fact that you don't like a song described as "sexist" by feminist organizations: "to me I like these types of songs better"said the president of the Spanish government. So there's nothing more to say: if a left-wing politician likes a sexist song, fascists are those who don't like the song, starting with many left-wing feminists.

Reject mass immigration, no but yes

Another example. For some years now, you were accused of being a fascist if you thought that mass immigration could not be allowed. To that qualifier, the left usually added others such as racist and xenophobic. However, a few months ago the leftist German government proposed limiting immigration and accelerating deportations of illegal immigrants. So now you are only a fascist if you defend that same thing but you are not a German socialist, it can be deduced.

When fascist is not to repress but to protest

On the other hand, the left has also associated fascism with the repression of labor protests, especially those of those who do the hardest and most thankless jobs. However, yesterday TVE, a channel controlled by Sánchez's leftist government, linked the farmers with the "far right" for protesting against increasingly abusive regulations and against the unfair competition that is ruining our primary sector. So now the fascist thing is not to repress, but to protest, because the left rules and what you are supposed to do is shut up and obey.

Mandela was a fascist and Apartheid was progressive

Likewise, the racist Apartheid regime in South Africa has often been associated with fascism, due to its discriminatory treatment towards the black population of that country. However, very often the Spanish left labels those who defend linguistic freedom as fascists, which is the same thing that the leftist Nelson Mandela established in South Africa after the fall of Apartheid regime. So, if he lived today and asked for the same thing for Catalonia, now the fascist would be Mandela because his linguistic model was one of freedom of choice, something that the left and its separatist allies do not admit, which they consider to be Democratic is the imposition of a language.

Antisemitism, the new antifascism

Another element that was closely associated with classical fascism was anti-Semitism, especially with Nazism, which perpetrated a colossal genocide against the Jewish people. However, today much of the left exhibits atrocious antisemitism, which concentrates its hatred of the Jewish people in the State of Israel. This hatred is disguised as "antizionism" so that it sounds less bad, but in the end it is the same anti-Semitic garbage as always, with the difference that now anti-Semitism is fueled by the left.

Reject penal privileges, a fascist thing

Finally, before the general elections of July 2023, in Spain it was democratic to believe that an amnesty was incompatible with the Constitution, because it is unacceptable that the equality of all before the law is violated to grant privileges penalties to some. That changed when Sánchez needed the support of the separatists who demanded an amnesty, separatists who have been convicted of very serious crimes, including corruption crimes, and who in some cases are being investigated for terrorism. Now they call you a fascist if you reject those privileges and defend equality before the law , because that is against the interests of the left.

There is only one rule to not be a fascist: obey the left-wing

It has been many years since classical fascism disappeared, happily defeated in the World War II. Today fascism is a residual phenomenon and is limited to extra-parliamentary groups. Today what is labeled "fascism" is everything that makes the left uncomfortable, even if it is fully democratic and even if what is really contrary to freedoms and human rights is precisely what the left defends.

Basically, today in order not to be labeled a "fascist" you have to do what the left tells you every day, even if that means sudden and inexplicable changes of opinion and adopt absurd, irrational and inappropriate approaches. in a democratic society. Under these conditions, it is normal that more and more people care little about being accused of being "fascist" by a stupid, irrational and intolerant left, which only uses that adjective to point out, silence and criminalize everyone. those who oppose him.


Image: frame of 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' (1978).

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