They protect a factory made of concrete but not the largest cross in the world

The curious criterion of Ayuso and the Popular Party for goods of cultural interest

Spain is a country with an enormous historical and artistic heritage. Among its numerous monuments, the largest cross in the world stands out.

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The largest cross in the world and the target of the left's hatred

That cross stands above the monumental complex of the Valley of the Fallen, where fallen people from both sides of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) are buried. This monumental complex is located in the Cuelgamuros Valley, which is part of the municipality of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, in the Community of Madrid, whose president is Isabel Díaz Ayuso , of the Popular Party, which in last year's regional elections obtained an absolute majority in that region.

The cross in the Valley of the Fallen is the largest in the world (Photo: Elentir).

The Valley of the Fallen has been the target of left-wing hatred for many years. In 2018, the communists of Izquierda Unida called for its demolition. At the same time, Pedro Sánchez's Socialist Party (PSOE) also has a particular obsession with that monument. In 2020 announced that it would turn it into a civil cemetery. It also happens that the socialists have embarked on a wave of demolishing crosses in various parts of Spain, under the protection of the law they promoted to rewrite history to your taste and impose on the rest of you your particular vision of our past. A past in which the PSOE had a bloody role for which it has never apologized.

Ayuso ignores Vox's requests to protect the Valley of the Fallen

Given the risk that Sánchez will give in to the temptation of demolishing that cross and given the desecration of tombs that the left is promoting in that area, there have been different initiatives to try to protect it. In October 2022 Vox asked the Ayuso government to declare the Valley of the Fallen as an asset of cultural interest (BIC). A request that the government of the Community of Madrid ignored.

Statues representing the cardinal virtues of justice (left) and prudence (right), work of the sculptor Juan de Ávalos, on the east side of the base of the cross in the Valley of the Fallen (Photo: Elentir).

In February 2023 Vox reiterated its request, this time through a Non-Law Proposition (PNL) that recalls that the Spanish Historical Heritage Law grants the autonomous communities the competence to declare BIC to those real estate properties that exist in its territory and have historical or cultural value. Again, Ayuso ignored the request.

Statues of the evangelists Saint Luke (left) and Saint Matthew (right), work of the sculptor Juan de Ávalos, on the west side of the base of the cross in the Valley of the Fallen (Photo: Elentir).

Christian Lawyers denounce that the Sánchez government is ruining the monument

In December 2023, the Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers managed to get Justice to stop the exhumations at the monument, exhumations authorized by the Sánchez government and with which "they are removing corpses without authorization from their relatives", according to the Foundation. A month ago, this entity reported that Sánchez's government "is turning the Valley of the Fallen into a ruin," pointing out, among other things, that "the base of the cross is destroyed." Despite all these complaints, the Ayuso government has still not declared that monument as BIC.

Portals of the Valley of the Fallen (Photo: Elentir).

A ruling reveals Ayuso's refusal to protect that monument

On January 9, 2024, the Association for the Defense of the Valley of the Fallen managed to get Justice to force the Ayuso government to issue "an express and reasoned response" regarding its refusal to declare that monument as BIC . The day after that sentence was known, the Ayuso government insisted that it will continue without declaring the Valley of the Fallen as BIC, using as an excuse that it is the responsibility of the State, the same excuse that Justice did not accept in said ruling. The Ayuso government reiterated that refusal a month ago.

Vista aérea de la antigua fábrica de leche CLESA en Madrid (Foto: Google Maps).

Ayuso will protect a factory built with prestressed concrete

Things change if we don't talk about a cross. In September 2023, the Ayuso government announced that it would grant BIC status to a former milk factory, which belonged to CLESA, located in Madrid. The Ayuso government highlighted "the importance and historical uniqueness of the building", located on Cardenal Herrera Oria Avenue, which began its activity in 1962 and ceased in 2011.

Interior of the old CLESA milk factory in Madrid (Photo: Comunidad de Madrid).

The Ayuso government has pointed out that this factory is "one of the best examples of Spanish industrial architecture of the 20th century and one of the first buildings made with prestressed concrete". Yesterday it was announced that the Ayuso government has begun the process of protecting this factory as a BIC. You can see images of said factory here. The images speak for themselves about the curious criteria of Ayuso and the PP when it comes to protecting assets of cultural interest.


Photo: Elentir.

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