The Auschwitz Museum punctuated her message remembering those murdered

Ayuso imitates the left and forgets the Polish Catholics murdered in Auschwitz

I have been remembering the Holocaust for years and, furthermore, denouncing the systematic forgetting of its second largest group of victims.

Polish Catholics: the great forgotten when talking about the victims of the Holocaust
A forgotten fact about Auschwitz: most of its first prisoners were Catholics

Ayuso's visit to Auschwitz, a very necessary gesture today

Unfortunately, I see this forgetfulness repeated over and over again. Yesterday, the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, visited Auschwitz, a visit that deserves my praise, if only because it helps remember the atrocities committed by the Nazis in the extermination camps they set up there. It is an even more necessary visit now that the virus of anti-Semitism is once again spreading through Europe, this time promoted by the extreme left and Islamism, in an attempt to cover up the recent attack by Hamas against Israel, in which terrorists carried out the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.

After the visit, Ayuso forgets about the Catholic Poles

This Sunday, from Poland and after his visit to Auschwitz, Ayuso published the following message on Twitter:

"More than 1,100,000 people died in Auschwitz. Their “crime” was being homosexuals, gypsies, having a disability, being political prisoners... 90% were Jews.

Not so long ago or so far away, the most serious crimes against humanity were committed.

Do not forget so as not to repeat."

The Auschwitz Museum responds to Ayuso and remembers the Poles murdered there

The Auschwitz Museum has responded to Ayuso's message, pointing out the numbers of victims and evidencing the greatest forgetfulness of the Madrid president's message:

"Between the years 1940-1945, approximately 1.3 million people were taken to KL Auschwitz. The largest group, approximately 1.1 million were Jews, then 140-150 thousand Poles, 23 thousand Roma and 15 thousand Soviet prisoners of war. The prisoners of other nationalities, in total about 25 thousand, belonged to smaller groups that numbered between a few thousand (Czechs, Belarusians, French, Germans, Russians), a few hundred (Yugoslavs, Ukrainians) up to just several dozen people.

In KL Auschwitz, at least 1.1 million people were murdered, most of them Jews, around 1 million, then 70-75 thousand Poles, 21 thousand Roma and more than 14 thousand Soviet prisoners of war were murdered. Among the prisoners of other nationalities, around 10-15 thousand people lost their lives."

Nazis murdered 2.5 million ethnic Poles, mostly Catholics

As I already recalled here in 2021, during the Holocaust and in the other crimes committed during their occupation of Poland, the Germans killed 2.5 million ethnic Poles, mostly Catholics . Likewise, The first 728 prisoners at Auschwitz were all Polish men, mostly Catholics. Among them, in fact, were priests. On the other hand, among the 70,000 to 75,000 ethnic Poles murdered at Auschwitz, many of them Catholics, there were people as famous as the priest Saint Maximilian Kolbe, who He was murdered after offering his life to save a family man.

The forgetting of Catholic Poles in events about the Holocaust in Spain

As I have been denouncing for years, this "forgetfulness" of Catholic Poles when talking about the Holocaust is not something new in Spain:

They summon 75 homosexual prisoners and forget 75,000 Polish Catholics

It is curious to note that the same messages that omit Catholic Poles do mention homosexuals. It seems good to me to name them, since they were part of the groups sent to Auschwitz due to their condition. What is difficult to understand is to see that they are cited and the Catholic Poles, who were a thousand times more, are not mentioned.

An article published on the commemorative website in 2019 sheds light on this matter: "Of the 400,000 people officially recorded at Auschwitz, only 75 received pink triangles." Let us remember that homosexual prisoners were marked with those triangles. Thus, in Spain we have politicians who remember a group of 75 prisoners in Auschwitz (which seems very good to me) and at the same time forget a group of up to 75,000 prisoners.

Some forgetfulness that coincides with the silence in the face of the current massacres against Christians

Coincidentally, these are the same politicians who are not saying a word about the massacres that Christians are suffering in countries like Nigeria. Massacres silenced by many media and also by many politicians. In June 2022, the left knocked down in Madrid a statement condemning these massacres, a condemnation requested by the conservative party Vox. That is why it is important to remember those Catholics murdered by the Nazis. "Not to forget so as not to repeat", as Ayuso rightly says while he forgets about them.


Photo: Comunidad de Madrid.

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