Vox is suffering harassment from pro-ETA activists in the Basque elections

The PP rejects irreverent criticism of Sánchez but not the latest attacks against Vox

What is happening in Spanish politics is a demonstration that the political opposition in Spain is smaller than it seems.

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This Monday, during a visit to a hospital in Asturias, a man shouted at Sánchez "for seven votes, your ass is broken", a clear reference to the unconstitutional amnesty law promoted by the socialist leader in exchange for the support of the separatist deputies of Junts.

What you can hear in this video is a mere irreverent criticism. Every day much more serious things are said about politicians in Spain without their rivals saying anything at all. However, the Popular Party (PP), supposedly the first opposition party, has rejected that criticism. It has done so through one of its regional leaders, Juanma Moreno, president of the government of Andalusia, who stated: "I believe that politicians, whether we like them more or less, are servants public, and as public servants we also deserve the respect of all citizens."

Things change if we talk about the recent attacks on Vox in Mondragón and in Azpeitia. This Tuesday, Vox members in the Basque elections experienced a new situation of violence in San Sebastián, where they had to set up an information table surrounded by a cordon of the Basque Police in the face of harassment by pro-ETA members:

What has the PP said about these attacks and acts of harassment against Vox? Nothing.The PP has had time to reject irreverent criticism against Sánchez, but it has not yet had time to reject that violence against Vox, a violence carried out by the partners of Sánchez's government. Is this what the PP means by being opposition?


Photo: Juanma Moreno.

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