OLRC warns about antisemitism after Hamas attack on Israel

36 attacks in 6 months against Jews in Spain, with a government praised by Hamas

The incendiary attitude of the Pedro Sánchez government against Israel is having very negative effects for the Jewish community in Spain.

Spain: a Sánchez minister attends a march organized by an antisemitic terrorist group
Israel criticizes that Sánchez's Govt allows PFLP terrorists to demonstrate in Madrid

In recent months, Sanchez's government has been praised by Hamas terrorists for its attitude of open hostility against Israel, an attitude that was also reflected in the permission of the Sánchez government to a march called in Madrid called by the anti-Semitic criminal group PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), a criminal organization classified as terrorist by the European Union, United States and Canada. The Sánchez government not only authorized this march, but also a minister, the communist Sira Rego, attended that anti-Semitic demonstration.

With a government installed in that attitude of hatred towards Israel and the encouragement that this implies to anti-Semitism (especially strong on the extreme left), the 45,000 members of the Jewish community in Spain are experiencing very difficult times. Coinciding with the beginning of Passover, the Jewish Passover that is celebrated from April 22 to 30, the Observatory for Religious Freedom and Conscience (OLRC) has today published a report on antisemitism in Spain which gives alarming data.

The OLRC highlights that it has compiled 36 attacks on the Hebrew community in Spain in just over six months (from October 7 to April 19, the last day that data was collected), which "it represents an average of six attacks each month, an extremely high number. Many of these attacks could be considered hate crimes," says Ana Blanco, vice president of the OLRC and analyst of Jewish language and culture.

The study (the full document can be downloaded here) points out the following:

On October 7, Israel suffered a terrorist attack by Hamas, the largest aggression perpetrated against Jews since the Nazi genocide and which has triggered a war in Gaza. Since then, Spain's approximately 45,000 Jews are suffering a multitude of anti-Semitic attacks due to their religious beliefs.

The cases compiled in the report have been collected from the antisemitism Observatory website (an initiative of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain) and various media. "We have not taken into account the cases that have taken place on social networks. Furthermore, we have only included in this report anti-Semitic attacks based on religious beliefs, and not those for political reasons. Both attacks on social networks and those that have a political pretext are also very numerous", denounces the OLRC. The attacks compiled in the OLRC report are divided into four sections:

  • 1 case of physical violence against believers.
  • 3 attacks on places of worship.
  • 8 humiliations to believers.
  • 24 cases of mockery of the Jewish religion (mainly, anti-Jewish graffiti and anti-Semitic cartoons in newspapers).

The OLRC demands that the government keep Article 525 in the Penal Code, "which protects religious feelings, since the parties that are currently in government (PSOE and Sumar), along with Others, like Podemos, want to eliminate it. Because of all these attacks and others, we see that it is absolutely necessary that this protection be maintained."

For my part, and as I have expressed on other occasions, I express all my support for the Jewish community in the face of these attacks and my absolute shame at the attitude of the government, which instead of denouncing this hatred against Jews, is dedicated to feeding it through a hostility against the State of Israel that Sánchez's executive does not express against any Muslim country, not even against those that most violate human rights, as is the case of Iran.


Photo: Cottonbro Studio.

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