Más Madrid and its contempt for the Spanish Jews and the people of Israel

Five examples that portray the extreme left that “is not anti-Semitic, but”

Ultra-left propaganda insists on distinguishing anti-Semitism from anti-Zionism, as if they were something essentially different.

The promoters of hatred against the Jews that Sánchez brought into the Spanish government
A report by a European NGO uncovers the new antisemitism of the far-left

Anti-Semitism is the hatred of Jews, and anti-Zionism is the rejection that the Jewish people can return to the home of their ancestors and have the right to their own state. There is one thing that characterizes all "anti-Zionists" and that is that they do not spend a single minute questioning the right of other communities or countries, starting with the multitude of confessionally Muslim countries that exist. They are only bothered by Israel, which coincidentally is the only Jewish State in the world.

When it comes to portraying oneself, the statement "I'm not anti-Semitic, but" is now a classic, followed by a statement that negates the first part of the phrase. We can find some examples of this in a far-left Spanish party, Más Madrid, which he gets very offended when it is pointed out as anti-Semitic:

  1. Más Madrid is not anti-Semitic, but was the only party that did not attend an event in memory of the victims of the Hamas terrorist attack, an event held in Madrid three days after the largest massacre suffered by the Jewish people since the Holocaust. This time the excuse given by the ultra-left party was "the political instrumentalization of the Popular Party." Excuses like "it's very cold today and I don't want to leave the house" or "my little toe on my right foot hurts" would have been less mean.
  2. Más Madrid is not anti-Semitic, but its spokesperson attended a march alongside organizations that support the Hamas terrorists and that celebrated their criminal attack against Israel. The march was held on October 15, five days after Más Madrid refused to go to an event in memory of Hamas victims. Furthermore, this march was called by Samidoun, organization declared illegal in Germany for being anti-Semitic and glorifying terrorism, including that of Hamas.
  3. Más Madrid is not anti-Semitic, but on January 30 was the only party in the Madrid Assembly that did not attend a tribute to the victims of the Holocaust, putting as an excuse that the Israeli ambassador was also going to attend. Excuses like "we have a headache", "I have my period that day" or "my dog ate the subway ticket" would have been just as credible.
  4. Más Madrid is not anti-Semitic, but on January 27 he supported a march in Madrid called by the PFLP, a terrorist group and anti-Semitic who supported the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel. That is to say, Más Madrid is not going to pay tributes to victims of Hamas terrorism or to pay tributes to the victims of the Holocaust because the Israeli ambassador was there, but it did go to a march called by anti-Semitic terrorists. All very "I'm not anti-Semitic, but."
  5. Más Madrid is not anti-Semitic, but yesterday it said that it will not attend the presentation of a San Isidro medal to the Jewish community, stating that this medal is a way of whitewashing "a criminal and genocidal government" (slander with which he referred to the government of Israel), and then saying that the Jewish community "deserves the greatest respect." What an idea of "respect"!

What most defines any organization are its actions, and not just its words. With facts that we have just reviewed, Más Madrid has already cleared up any doubt that there may be about whether it is an anti-Semitic party, in case in view of its actions there was still someone who had not understood well how the attitude of that party can be described.


Photo: RTVE.

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