The socialist leader has confused the Nation with his private estate

Franco allowed Che Guevara to visit Spain: Pedro Sánchez has less tolerant remarks

In the almost 20 years of this blog I have already written some reflections on how to recognize a dictatorship when it arrives.

Sánchez's overacting against Milei and his threatening message to the media and judges
The cynicism of the Sánchez Govt: it insults Javier Milei and now it pretends to be offended

Will the next thing be to swear the flag with a Begoña blouse?

This Monday I referred to cynical tantrum that the socialist Pedro Sánchez has had with Javier Milei, president of Argentina, for some words in which he did not even mention him or his wife. In my article I pointed out a characteristic of dictatorships: that no one can disagree with political power or criticize its members, because doing so makes you an enemy of the country and the State.

Sánchez is clearly falling into that authoritarian habit. Just yesterday, his Foreign Minister presented that veiled allusion to Begoña Gómez as an insult to our "institutions", as if the wife of the president of the government were an institution, when she does not even hold any position public. Having reached this extreme of unreason, will the next thing be to organize flag oaths in which instead of the national flag they offer to kiss a Begoña blouse? Perhaps we will see the government proposing that in order to exercise a public office do you have to swear or promise obedience to Sánchez's wife?

Taking the Nation as if it were his private property

There is another characteristic of dictatorships that Sánchez seems to have assumed: the tendency to confuse the Nation with a particular property of the ruling person, as if we Spaniards, instead of citizens of a democratic country, were subjects of a feudal lord or mere hostages of an enlightened North Korean-style leader. This alarming trend had already been preceded by the socialist confusion between the party and the State, colonizing all the institutions that we support with our taxes and putting them at the service of the Socialist Party (PSOE), starting with Spanish Television, whose levels of sectarianism and propaganda already resemble those of the television stations of communist dictatorships.

The government leaks to the media that it could prohibit another visit by Milei

In one more step in this drift towards totalitarianism - the usual destiny of socialism -, yesterday the government leaked to several media the possibility of prohibiting a new visit by Milei to Spain. Only a government with a North Korean disposition would think of leaking something like that to the press. It is increasingly clear that Sánchez has gone mad in his desire to cover up the scandals that affect his wife and his party and is already taking measures typical of a tyrant of the level of Kim Jong-un.

Santiago Abascal: “The autocrat is unleashed”

Yesterday, the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, commented on this news remembering that < strong>the socialists are allowing the massive entry of illegal immigrants into Spain"and they intend to ban a single man from entering Spain for defending himself against Sánchez's insults. The autocrat is unleashed." The response from Argentina to the leak from the Spanish government arrived at 7:31 p.m. CET. Commenting on that news, Javier Milei published on Twitter: "Notice, I will travel to receive the Juan de Mariana Prize...we will see if his great inferiority complex allows the Spanish liberals to be able to award me in person..." Milei crossed out that occurrence of the government as "totalitarianism in blood".

The communist Che Guevara was able to visit Spain during the Franco regime

We must remember that in 1959, during the Franco regime, the Argentine communist Che Guevara was able to visit Spain twice. A journalist from the Europa Press agency, César Lucas, took a series of photos of Guevara, then one of the leaders of the Cuban communist dictatorship, walking through Madrid and going to a bullfight, with his red star on the beret. Franco's regime was an anti-communist dictatorship, but Guevara, who was a communist, was able to visit Spain then. Something like this would have been very difficult to see in a communist dictatorship. And among dictatorships there are also classes and communist ones are among the worst.

Sánchez has less tolerant occurrences

After having used Franco's wild card for years to accuse the right of being undemocratic, it now seems that Sánchez has less tolerant ideas than those of Franci, judging by the idea that his government leaked yesterday to the media. The difference (leaving aside that Che was a totalitarian murderer and Milei is a democrat) is that Spain is now a democracy, although we do not know if it will continue to be so for much longer, at the pace of the Spanish left, which seems installed in the idea that our Nation It is Sánchez's private property and he can do with it whatever he pleases, ignoring our Constitution and our freedoms.


Photo: César Lucas. Che Guevara and his companions in a bullring during his visit to Spain in 1959.

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