Against the lies of Catalan separatism and the Spanish far-left

They Are Not ‘Political Prisoners’, But Politicians Imprisoned For Violating Laws and Sentences

The Spanish National Court has sent the former vice-president and eight ex-counselors of the Catalan Government to preventive detention for alleged crimes of rebellion, sedition and embezzlement.

A Crowd of Catalans Demonstrate Again in Barcelona Against the Separatist Coup
Thousands of Spaniards Demonstrate Against the Coup by Claiming ‘Puigdemont to Prison’

They believed they had the privilege of violating the law with total impunity

Significantly, the preventive detention ordered against them has been justified by Judge Carmen Lamela for the escape of Carles Puigdemont and other ex-counselors to Belgium. The ex-president of the Catalan Government and four of his ex-counselors have disobeyed the judicial summons, for which the Prosecutor’s Office has requested his arrest. This outcome of the separatist coup in Catalonia was very predictable. The Government of Spain has been very gentle when it comes to taking measures against the coup, even gave them the opportunity to return to the law, but it was ignored. Catalan separatism has been violating the law for years and disregarding judicial decisions -for example, those that protect the right to study in Spanish in Catalonia-, without it having consequences. They had become accustomed to impunity in such a way that they already believed they had the privilege of skipping the laws, even committing crimes as serious as sedition and rebellion, crimes committed in violation of the Spanish Constitution and judicial sentences, in order to promote the separation of a part of Spain, usurping national sovereignty.

The far-left calls the imprisoned coup leaders ‘political prisoners’

Exercising once again his role as propagandist of Catalan separatism, Podemos has quickly emerged in defense of his detainees. The leader of the far-left party, Pablo Iglesias, said this afternoon on his Twitter: “I am ashamed that opponents are imprisoned in my country. We do not want the independence of Catalonia but today we say: freedom political prisoners. This irresponsible and demagogic declaration is a new episode of the support that Podemos has been expressing to Catalan separatism, within the framework of a strategy to destabilize Spanish democracy in order to obtain votes for a populist option that emerged from the ranks of communism.

Pablo Iglesias confuses tolerance with impunity

Obviously, these separatist politicians are not in prison for opposing the government, as Pablo Iglesias suggests. Proof of this is that Pablo Iglesias and other Spanish politicians have been opposing the government for years without ever being accused of any crime for it. Spain is one of the most advanced democracies in the world. In Spain it is totally legal to criticize the Government and even to demonstrate against it. In fact, the left enjoys a tolerance that we could even call excessive. Proof of this is that Pablo Iglesias has even praised those who attack police officers and has even supported a member of Podemos imprisoned for assaulting with punches a socialist councilor, and despite being clear incitements to violence, no judge He asked for explanations for it.

The strategy of Podemos and separatism: the worse, the better

Something like that would be unthinkable in countries like Venezuela. Precisely, Podemos has been supporting the chavist dictatorship while it is dedicated to discredit Spanish democracy, with absolute impudence. The obedience of the far-left party towards that dictatorship is even above human rights: the Pablo Iglesias’ party has refused to request the release of Venezuelan political prisoners in three parliamentary votes, and this despite the imprisonment of leaders of the opposition in military prisons – something unthinkable in a democracy -, the killing of demonstrators of the democratic opposition, and the tortures perpetrated in Venezuelan jails, human rights violations denounced by the UN and the European Union. While Podemos supports this brutal dictatorship, its communist parliamentary partners of the United Left call the European Union a “criminal institution” but refuse to define Venezuela as a “dictatorship”. Undoubtedly, the absurd qualification that Pablo Iglesias has made today about imprisoned coup plotters does not mean that he is incapable of distinguishing between a political prisoner and a imprisoned politician. He knows the difference very well. Pablo Iglesias lies and does so to create tension and foster a culture of subversion, the only scenario from which his extremist and populist party can obtain some result that satisfies him. Separatism and the ultra-left have a common denominator: the worse for Spain, the better for them. An anti-Spanish strategy that should be denounced in all possible areas.

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  1. Miguel

    Thank you for this very correct version of things in Spain.
    It’s going to take another 50 or 100 years before politicians stop being corrupt in this country. All parties are guilty of corruption, there’s just no valid alternative yet.

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