A law passed today forces to show ultrasounds before committing abortions

Slovakia: abortion lobby wants the woman to ignore the truth about her unborn child

In this blog I have pointed out many times the lies that the abortion lobby uses to promote the legalization of that crime, some lies that include reifying the unborn child.

Scientific arguments against abortion
Abortion has already killed more than 2.3 million unborn in Spain: they would be like this today

The abortion lobby lies about unborn children

For years we have seen activists and politicians claim that an unborn child is not a person, even claiming that he is not a human being. In Spain we have seen a socialist government justifying an abortion law through a lie: affirm that "abortion does not mean ending a human life because there is no unanimous opinion about the concept of being human", an aberrant lie with which one could justify any murder. Someone have come to compare human fetuses with salad vegetables. There have been more extreme cases in which they have directly dared to deny that a human fetus is a living being.

All these lies are intended, first of all, to make pregnant mothers believe that abortion is like removing a pimple or cutting a nail. They know that only a very unscrupulous person would be able to ask that they kill their unborn child knowing their human condition perfectly, because if there is something especially strong in human nature it is the maternal instinct that leads a mother to protect her children even risk of her own life. On the other hand, the second purpose of these lies is to morally anesthetize society so that it does not resist an unjust law. A law called "right" to the murder of innocent and defenseless human beings is a law that offends Justice, especially in a world in which even the death penalty for criminals has been abolished in most Western countries. It takes a morally and ethically disoriented society to accept the idea that comfort itself justifies killing your unborn children.

The demographic consequences of the social acceptance of abortion

The problem of social acceptance of abortion, promoted with lies, is no longer just ethical and moral. Europe is experiencing a demographic crisis that could have very negative consequences in the medium and long term, both social and economic. A society without children in a society without a future, in which less and less young people have to take care of a huge number of elders. Abortion promoters aim to solve the problem that they themselves caused with mass immigration, without taking into account the problems that this causes, not only of insecurity, but also of cultural substitution: in various parts of Europe, mass Muslim immigration is causing that Islamic law be imposed in various areas, which means a setback in freedoms for many people. In France, for example, the increase in Muslim immigration has led to a growing anti-Semitism that is leading to a new exodus of Jews. Significantly, European Jews feel safer in countries like Poland or Hungary, with conservative governments that openly reject mass immigration and are developing policies in favor of birth.

Slovakia takes a step forward towards the abolition of abortion

Both Poland and Hungary belong to the so-called Visegrad Group, also formed by the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Precisely, today the Slovak Parliament has given the green light to a bill to reduce the number of abortions. The project not only has broad political support, but also social support: in September, 50,000 people demonstrated in Bratislava against abortion. Currently, in that country, which has 5.4 million inhabitants, 7,500 abortions are committed every year. The new law will imply that every woman who wants to abort is previously informed of the truth by an ultrasound of her unborn child and hearing the baby's heartbeat. The measure could reduce the number of abortions by 80% and, in addition, could be the previous step towards the abolition of this monstrosity in the country, by exposing the lies of the abortion lobby. Recall that ultrasound is the most effective instrument to publicize the scientific truth about abortion. In fact, this technological breakthrough caused years ago that the "king of abortion," Bernard Nathanson, became a Pro-Life activist.

Abortionists get angry because they are forced to inform mothers

As expected, the abortion lobby has reacted very badly to this measure. Pro-Abortion groups that disguise themselves as civil rights defenders, such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, have criticized it by appealing to false and invented "reproductive rights" to undermine a human right that does exist: life. The Spanish newspaper El Mundo today qualifies the measure with these words: «Black Friday for women's rights in Slovakia». Many readers of that newspaper have indicated their disagreement in the comments of the news. Rather, today is a bad day for charlatans who have been cheating women for years and telling them that abortion is like taking a pimple. The abortion lobby has done everything possible for women to ignore the truth about their unborn children, but with technological tools such as ultrasound, this promotion of ignorance and misinformation has the days numbered. On the other hand, it makes no sense that for any medical operation an informed consent of the patient is required and to commit an abortion it is enough with an uninformed consent of the mother. The truth will eventually be known, no matter how hard they try to bury it.

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