While Belarus attacks the border, the EPP attacks those who guard it

Serious slander from the European People's Party against the Polish Border Guard

The European People's Party (EPP) has a serious problem with the Polish leftists who sneaked into its group after the last elections.

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"Today the target is Poland, but tomorrow it will be Germany, Belgium, France or Spain"

The Polish EPP delegation and Janina Ochojska MEP

As you could already read in Counting Stars, in May 2019 the Polish right defeated a coalition of centrists, leftists and post-communists. The losing coalition was led by the Platforma Obywatelska (PO, Citizen Platform), the Polish partner of the European People's Party. One of the people who managed to enter the European Parliament as part of that coalition was Janina Ochojska. In June last year, this MEP aligned herself with the Social Democrats and in favor of the promotion of abortion on the occasion of the debate on the Matić Report in the European Parliament.

The MEP's attacks on the Polish Border Guard

The most recent Janina Ochojska scandals are related to the migratory attack against Poland instigated by the Belarusian dictatorship, with the support of Russia. The EPP MEP criticized the Polish Border Guard in November for using water cannons to stop attacks on the border, an accusation that was answered by the Inspector General of the Polish Police, Jarosław Szymczyk, noting that "all the migrants on the other side would still have their clothes dry if they had not started throwing stones at the Polish service officers and Polish soldiers."

On December 19, Ochojska went one step further and accused the Polish Border Guard of "breaking the law and torturing innocent people", through a Twitter comment in which, in addition, she compared those Polish officials with the "Executioners" of the German and Soviet concentration camps, a very serious insult, especially considering that millions of Poles were interned, tortured and murdered in those camps. On December 29, the Polish Ministry of the Interior forwarded these statements to the Prosecutor's Office in case they constituted a crime of slander against the Border Guard.

Ochojska equates Border Guard with Nazi war criminal

The latest controversy caused by that MEP broke out on January 2 with an interview she gave to the leftist weekly Polityka. In it, Ochojska attacks harshly and with slanderous terms the Polish Border Guard, which has been defending the border of Poland and the European Union for months against the Belarusian attack: "I have no doubt that there are also decent people in the border guard, but his decency is lost when faced with orders", and then she compares this with the trial of the Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann, stating that "he also defended himself in Nuremberg, saying that he was only following orders." In case anyone's ignorant, Eichmann was one of the organizers of the Holocaust, in which millions of people were murdered.

Scandal in Poland and response from Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

This attack by Ochojska on the Polish Border Guard has caused a scandal in Poland. In response to the EPP MEP, yesterday the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, recalled that Eichmann did not justify himself by saying that he was following orders, but was proud of his crimes: "If I have to, I will go to the grave with a smile on my face, because knowing that I have five million Jews on my conscience fills me with a feeling of great satisfaction," the Nazi war criminal said at the trial.

"Among the 6 million Jews that Eichmann sent to their deaths in the blink of an eye, many were Poles," Morawiecki recalled. "Eichmann made no distinction between nations anyway. To him, they were just human, subhuman masses, untermenschen demanding liquidation. It was exactly what the crazy ideology dictated by the Germans."

The prime minister added: "I write about it, because a few days ago Ms. Janina Ochojska compared Polish soldiers and officers to Eichmann. This comparison not only affects the honor of the Polish uniform, but is a threat to the victims of German barbarism, to the millions killed by German executioners like Eichmann." Morawiecki claims that Ochojska's statement is "a disgrace that demands an apology."

Ochojska defends Belarusian dictator Lukashenko

Ochojska is aligning himself with attempts by the far left to weaken national borders and facilitate access for illegal immigrants to EU countries. During the crisis caused by Belarus, Ochojska has criticized the Polish government denying that this attack threatens Polish sovereignty and stating that those who try to cross the border illegally are women and children, despite the fact that the images show men of military age throwing stones against Polish officials.

On September 20, Ochojska went so far as to affirm that "the death on the Polish border is not the fault of Lukashenko", the Belarusian dictator, but of the policy of the Polish government. With this position, what Ochojska does is act as an auxiliary to the Belarusian attack. Will the European People's Party take action against the behavior of that MEP and her slander against the Polish Border Guard, or on this issue is she also going to align herself with the left?


Photo: Straż Graniczna.

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