Both countries have welcomed one and a half million Ukrainians in two weeks

The parties that supported sanctions on Poland and Hungary in the midst of a wave of refugees

A large part of the European political class has decided today to betray the two countries that are hosting the most Ukrainian refugees.

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Poland and Hungary are the countries that host the most Ukrainian refugees

This Wednesday, UNHCR reported that 2.15 million people have already fled Ukraine. Of these, 1.3 million have been received in Poland and 203,000 in Hungary, which are the countries that are receiving the most Ukrainian refugees. This is posing a challenge for both countries. Well, instead of helping them, the European Parliament has decided today to support sanctions against both for not submitting to the ideological dictates of a part of the European parliamentary arch. A persecution whose crude motives I already detailed here last year.

The European Parliament supported sanctions against both countries today for ideological reasons

This morning, the European Parliament supported sanctions against Poland and Hungary with 478 votes in favour, 155 against and 29 abstentions. Supporters of these sanctions cynically appeal to the "rule of law" to disguise, among other things, an attempt to impose abortion and gender ideology on Poles and Hungarians. Coincidentally, this persecution against Poland and Hungary is carried out by the same European politicians who remain silent in the face of the abuses of the leftist government of Spain and the atrocities of the dictatorships of Cuba and Iran.

Three Spanish separatists fled from Justice have supported that resolution

The text of the resolution approved today can be read here. What parties have supported it? To verify this, you must download a DOCX document from the European Parliament website and go to the part entitled: "L'état de droit et les conséquences de l'arrêt de la CJUE - Rule of law and the consequences of the ECJ ruling - Rechtsstaatlichkeit und die Konsequenzen des Urteils des EuGH - B9-0134/2022". Paradoxically, among those who have supported this text by appealing to the "State of Law" are Carles Puigdemont, Antoni Comín and Clara Ponsatí, who fled from Spain for their participation in the separatist coup of October 1, 2017, with which they and other politicians separatists attempted to illegally suspend the validity of the Spanish Constitution in Catalonia to break the unity of Spain.

The same left that does not condemn the repression in Cuba has supported the sanctions

The European Socialists, the Greens and the Left have also voted in favor, the same groups that last year voted against a resolution condemning the communist repression in Cuba (the results of that vote can be seen here, pages 357 and 358). Significantly, the group of The Left brings together parties such as the Spanish Izquierda Unida and EH Bilbu, which last week refused to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine: the communists Miguel Urbán Crespo, Manuel Pineda Marín and Sira Rego, who did not support that condemnation, have today supported the sanctions against Hungary and Poland. Few defenders of the "rule of law" in the EU...

The majority of the European People's Party also voted the same as the left and far left

In addition to the left and the far-left, the resolution was also supported by the Renew group (from the center-left, which brings together parties such as the Spanish Ciudadanos) and the majority of MEPs from the European People's Party (EPP), including those belonging to to the Spanish Popular Party. In 2019, the EPP as Renew shared the positions of the European Commission with the European Socialists, being allies in practice in the European institutions. Yes: the same socialists who do not condemn the repression in Cuba.

The groups that voted against

The group of European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR, including the Spanish Vox MEPs and those of the Law and Justice party that governs Poland) has voted against this resolution, although five of its MEPs have abstained (three Belgians, one Slovakian and an Italian). The vast majority of the members of the Identity and Democracy group, the Fidesz MEPs (ruling party in Hungary) and seven EPP deputies (two Poles, one Hungarian, one Czech, one Slovenian, one Romanian and one Slovak) also voted against, among others.

Santiago Abascal denounces that this already "goes from the miserable to the criminal"

Yesterday, before the announcement of this vote, the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, commented: "Brussels intends to stab Poland again, the country with the most solidarity with Ukraine in the entire EU. Doing it at this time, when it hosts more than a million refugees, goes from miserable to criminal." I fully subscribe to your words, and I add: it is very significant that the same part of the parliamentary arch that has made us dependent on Russia in terms of energy, is now stabbing Poland and Hungary in the back in the midst of an avalanche of refugees towards those countries. One day the time will come to judge the betrayal that has been committed not only to Poland and Hungary, but to all of Europe, certain parties that much boast of being "Europeanists".

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