An alert about certain guys trying to seduce the conservatives

Antisemitism, Putinism and reptilians: a surreal attempt to manipulate the right

In many countries, Russian propaganda uses as redistributors people who for various reasons dislike the West.

Putin's protocols: a conspiracy that was hidden by spreading conspiracism
Ten facts right-wing people who sympathize with Vladimir Putin seem to ignore

The Kremlin has known how to take advantage of that class of people. As we have already seen here, most of the pro-Russian parties in Europe are extreme left, but there are also curious characters who swarm through conservative networks trying to attract the unwary. And many of these suckers don't know what kinds of people are trying to entangle them.

The right words of Hermann Tertsch about Putin

Today Vox MEP Hermann Tertsch, a man with an admirable culture and a staunch opponent of the Russian dictatorship, has posted a comment on Twitter warning against Putin propagandists launching campaigns against the Spanish conservative party Vox.

These attacks are not a mere coincidence or the result of a mistake: Vox is the Spanish party that has shown the most firmness against the Putin regime of all those that have representation in the European Parliament, a firmness that I applaud, since it is not coherent to declare yourself a conservative and defend Christian values and at the same time support Putin, nostalgic for Soviet communism, who is committing all kinds of crimes in his invasion of the Ukraine.

Among the responses to Tertsch's message, a certain Rafapal (you can read it here) has appeared stating: "Herman, really, if you mess with Putin you lose votes. The Russian president is the leader who is fighting the globalists the most in the world. And not only that, but defending the family." Killing entire families of civilians in Ukraine, including children, is a curious way of defending the family.

Vox MEP answered Rafapal very clearly: "Falling into the propaganda of Hitler, Stalin, Maduro or Putin can give you a few votes but it definitely takes away many more things besides better votes. Supporting a criminal and applauding a tyrant can benefit you and sometimes even even save life. But you lose yourself."

Putin defender of "Christian values"?

This noon, the aforementioned Rafapal has criticized the message of the Vox MEP with these fallacious arguments: "Like Putin, Vox confronts gender ideology. -Like Putin, Vox opposes globalists. -Like Putin, Vox defends Christian values." This pro-Russian propagandist has forgotten to add that unlike Putin, Vox rejects criminal tyrants who invade other countries to annex them. For the rest, saying that Putin defends Christian values, after starting a criminal invasion against another country, killing and torturing civilians, deporting children and other crimes against humanity, is to confuse Christian values with satanic values.

A well-known promoter of conspiracy theories

The aforementioned Rafapal is a well-known character in Spain among fans of conspiracy theories. He has a website ( where he posts all kinds of conspiracy theories, even the most ridiculous ones, as if they were true. Sometimes I wonder if he does it to test the credulity of his followers, because he publishes surreal news without offering a single proof of its veracity , and yet he has more than 125,000 followers on Telegram.

The anti-Semitic messages that can be read on its website

The web deals with classic conspiracy issues, and there are entries with clear anti-Semitic messages, even mixed with Holocaust denial. Let's see some examples:

  • On May 26, 2009, Rafapal published that "Israel wants to attack Iran on May 31, May". The text stated: "they know that time is running out and that the whole world already knows the lie about the creation of the state of Israel (the holocuento) and, of course, the mother of all problems: Zionist usury". The term "holocuento" (holotale) is a word widely used among anti-Semites to deny the extermination of six million Jews at the hands of the nazis.
  • On January 12, 2009, Rafapal posted another post stating: " Great success at yesterday's demonstration. Megaphone in hand, Smab and I informed people of the blackmail of the Holocaust, the creation of the state of Israel, Anne Frank's diary, we shouted "a lot of holocaust, little dignity»". The text also spoke of "the conquest of Jerusalem by the Zionist Luciferians", to end up again using that word so frequent among Holocaust deniers: "In these moments when Al Qaeda no longer scares anyone, when the world is opening up to know the lie of 9/11 and the Holotale, one day after the great planetary mobilizations against usurious Zionism."
  • On January 6, 2009, Rafapal published an article stating that " Hitler was controlled by Zionist bankers", branded Jews a "cult", criticized "the obsession with Holocaust Museums" and at the end, in the postscripts, he added: "Boycotting movies and novels about the Holocaust is another good way to help the liberation of the Palestinian people". The first of the links at the end of the entry led to a well-known Argentine pro-Nazi website,, specifically to a page titled "Victims of Zionism". The first of the alleged "victims" was Thies Christophersen, a former leader of the Nazi SS.
  • On June 12, 2009, Rafapal commented an attack against the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, titled as follows: "Alleged shooting at a holotale museum by an anti-Zionist."
  • Also published on Rafapal's website is a Power Point document signed by well-known neo-Nazi Pedro Varela and titled "The HOLOTALE for idiots", plagued by the classic argumentation of Holocaust deniers to deny the genocide perpetrated by the Nazis, a genocide about which there is abundant evidence and witnesses.
  • On October 14, 2015, Rafapal published another antisemitic pamphlet titled " The Jews acknowledge that they created and control the pornographic industry". A typical attempt to criminalize the entire Jewish people and present them as responsible for the ills of our society.
  • On January 13, 2012, Rafapal published another article stating: "The holocaust is the software that keeps Jews together, as a people, and that's why it was invented, of course, so that Jews wouldn't assimilate."
  • On March 10, 2014, Rafapal accused "Jewish rabbis" of "going against Putin" and blamed them for the Ukrainian revolution that led the pro-Russian Yanukovych to flee the country, after ordering the police to shoot protesters in Kiev's Euromaidan square. And this is how an antisemitic conspiracy theory connects to Russian propaganda.
  • On October 30, 2015, Rafapal once again mixed pro-Russian propaganda and anti-Semitic propaganda, in an article titled: "Putin's smear campaign on the Internet: how to detect and dismantle it". The text of the article stated: "The danger that Putin poses to the Zionist order that sought to destroy Humanity has led to a campaign to discredit him in recent weeks, which is being developed through conspiracy networks."

I can think of many reasons for Vox to distance itself as far as possible from the influence of people like this, among which it is worth mentioning respect for historical truth and for the victims of the Holocaust and rejection of anti-Semitism and Nazi criminals. Another reason is sanity and common sense, which are put to the test with purely ridiculous conspiracy theories.

The ridiculous conspiracy theory about the "reptilians"

As I have already told you, on the Rafapal website there are theories of the most varied kind, including that of the reptilians, a conspiracy theory that affirms that there are reptiles from other planets and other dimensions among us. In June 2014, Rafapal warned: "Lacoste's new crocodile is clearly reptilian". Over the years, Rafapal's website has featured George Bush, Al Gore, Dick Cheney and ufologist Steven Greer, whom he calls "reptilian leader".

I have been warning for some time that among the extreme right, the State does not have the need to infiltrate the secret services to remote control it in order to try to discredit the conservatives, putting them in a vicious circle of outlandish theories and ridiculous that make them lose all credibility in public opinion. In this margin of politics there are already characters who do this job on their own, driven perhaps by an excessive desire for mysteries, conspiracy theories and esotericism, to the point of being incapable of to distinguish fact from fiction. Vox should keep as much distance as possible from such people, including pro-Russian propagandists.


Image: AZPM.

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