The medals to those two communist dictators were awarded by the PSOE

Sánchez withdraws a medal to Franco but keeps medals from two communist dictators

Given the bad data from the polls for the socialists and his terrible performance in yesterday's debate, Sánchez resorts to his favorite wild card.

Sánchez's selective memory: his government maintains medals to communist dictators
Sánchez breaches an EU resolution that calls for remembering the victims of communism

Franco's wild card, the PSOE's favorite resource

Before the return of democracy to Spain, the PSOE was practically inactive among the left-wing opposition to the Franco regime, especially the communists. However, the socialists have not stopped using the Franco joker for everything, but especially to try to identify the entire democratic right with the dictatorship. In Spain, not being on the left makes you a candidate to be designated as a Francoist, a crude manipulation that only seeks to criminalize those who think differently.

Socialists refuse to condemn the repression in Cuba

At the same time, the left, including the PSOE, has been displaying its sympathy with communist dictatorships, especially that of Cuba. Let us remember that two years ago, the PSOE and its communist partners, Podemos, voted against a European condemnation of the repression in Cuba. In a betrayal of Cubans who ask for freedom and democracy for their country, the Sánchez government has avoided labeling the Cuban communist regime as a "dictatorship", a one-party regime, without free elections and that systematically violates human rights.

Sánchez withdraws a medal from Franco...

Today we have had the latest example of that double discourse of boasting of opposition to Franco 48 years after his death and, at the same time, refusing to reject communist dictators. Today the Sánchez government has announced that it withdraws the Medal of Merit for Work from Francisco Franco and other personalities of his regime. The government has argued that "the only work that the people we are withdrawing credit from today have given rise to is having worked to violate and violate human rights and trample on democracy in our country." Sánchez has had five years to withdraw those medals, but he has waited to do so in the middle of the electoral campaign out of pure electoralism.

Coincidentally, today two years have passed since the democratic uprising in Cuba, violently crushed by the communist dictatorship. The Sánchez government has not even mentioned this anniversary (the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has recalled it, supporting the demands for freedom and democracy for Cuba).

... but he keeps the medals awarded by his party to two communist dictators

In addition, the Sánchez government has made no reference to the Gold Medals of the Senate awarded to two communist dictators when the PSOE had an absolute majority. Those dictators were the Soviet Kostantin Chernenko (medal awarded in 1984) and the Cuban Fidel Castro (awarded in 1988). In the height of impudence, the medal was awarded to the Soviet dictator for his "defense of peace" while his troops massacred the Afghan people, during an invasion in which the Soviets murdered 600,000 civilians, and while the USSR financed terrorist groups in various countries and developed a vast arsenal of weapons of mass destruction to threaten the free world.

The complicity of the PSOE with communism and its refusal to condemn its crimes

Today was an ideal day to announce the withdrawal of those medals, especially the one awarded to Fidel Castro, coinciding with the second anniversary of the aforementioned democratic uprising. However, the PSOE has preferred to assert its complicity with the communists, a complicity already exhibited two years ago when Sánchez and the other deputies of the PSOE refused to condemn the crimes of the communist dictatorships, distancing itself from the European condemnation against these crimes, whose text recalled the mass murders, genocides and deportations perpetrated by the communist dictatorships.


Photo: PSOE.

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