On July 23, Vox had almost twice as many votes as the five separatist parties

Not with our votes: if the PP gives in to separatism that must have consequences

In Spain we are witnessing an embarrassing political auction in which Feijóo and Sánchez compete to win the favor of separatism.

Feijóo returns to his old ways against Vox and still does not understand the raison d'être of this party
What does the PP have to talk about with those who perpetrated the 2017 separatist coup?

Urkullu (PNV) proposes a covert reform of the Constitution

This Thursday, the president of the Basque government, the nationalist Íñigo Urkullu (of the PNV), signed an article in the newspaper El País, in which he proposed "a constitutional convention to agree on an interpretation on what the 1978 Constitution has not resolved well in relation to the “territorial” question." His purpose is to achieve things like "the recognition of the plurinationality of the State, bilaterality, the system of guarantees or the agreed capacity to decide."

What Urkullu proposes is a covert reform of the Constitution, skipping the legal channels that our fundamental law establishes for its modification, because he knows that the left and separatism lack the necessary support to change the constitutional text respecting those channels. Urkullu's proposal implies bypassing the rule of law to subject it to the whims of the separatists, forcing a large majority of Spaniards to follow the steps set by the secessionist parties, which have encountered a large opportunity to make concessions to the PSOE and the PP.

Alfonso Rueda (PP) says that Urkullu's proposal is "on the right track"

We already know that the socialists of the PSOE and their communist allies of Sumar are willing to do anything, even auction off Spain, to stay in power. Some people were confident that the Popular Party would reject these separatist demands, but we are seeing alarming signs that indicate the opposite. Last week, the PP has already offered the PNV a "very relevant" role if Feijóo is elected president, without specifying what it meant by that. Yesterday, the president of the Galician government, Alfonso Rueda (PP), said that the covert reform of the Constitution proposed by Urkullu is "on the right track".

All this, moreover, while Feijóo insists on speaking with the separatists of Junts, a party that supported the 2017 separatist coup in Catalonia and whose leader, Carles Puigdemont, is a fugitive from Justice. Feijóo insists on it regardless of the fact that this is a way to whitewash some seditionists and even considering the possibility of beheading the PP of Catalonia -whose leadership has been very critical of that meeting- as Aznar already did with Alejo Vidal -Quadras after the signing of the Majestic Pact with the CiU nationalists in 1996.

Vox had almost twice as many votes as the five separatist parties combined

At this point, I think it is worth remembering that in the last general elections Vox obtained 3 million votes. Perhaps to some it seems like a meager figure, but to give us an idea of its real weight in our society, the separatist parties (ERC, Junts, Bildu, the PNV and the BNG) added 1.6 between them. million votes. Thus, the majority parties -PSOE and PP- are insisting on the same mistake that they have been making for decades: conditioning the future of Spain to the whims of a separatist minority whose real weight in our society is much lower than that of Spaniards who voted for Vox. We are also talking about a separatist minority that is permanently installed in blackmail, disloyalty and the promotion of hatred towards Spain through the most varied channels, including ideological indoctrination in schools.

If the PP continues down this path, it will have to do so without the support of Vox

If the Popular Party insists on its nods to the separatists, if it insists on making pleas to those who hate Spain and those who seek to break coexistence between Spaniards, it must be clear that it will not do so with the votes of those three million Spaniards who support Vox. The leaders of this party have already demonstrated their patriotism and generosity in spades, offering their support to Feijóo in exchange for very basic demands, to prevent Sánchez from getting his re-election at the cost of demolishing the unity of Spain.

But the PP's alternative to Sánchez cannot be to give in to separatism for a covert and illegal reform of the Constitution, turning its back on the Spanish and in a new step to continue fueling separatism at the expense of our national unity. If the PP wants to follow this path, as it has done other times, it must be clear that it will do so without Vox's seats. As a voter of this party I am convinced that Santiago Abascal and the other leaders of Vox will make it clear to the PP, because we are no longer talking about disrespecting Vox, but rather disrespecting Spain, and that has always been the red line par excellence for Vox.


Photo: Efe. Alberto Núñez Feijóo, during his term as president of the Galician government, in a meeting with Íñigo Urkullu, president of the Basque government and the PNV.

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