Mónica García's controversial words during a debate in Madrid in 2019

The new Minister of Health of Spain believes that the heartbeat of a fetus is not a sign of life

Once again, the socialist Pedro Sánchez has prioritized ideology and politics over any other consideration when forming a government.

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On Monday we already saw here the case of the communist fanatic Sira Rego, admirer of the dictator Lenin and our Minister of Youth and Children, who in October voted against the European condemnation of the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel. Rego is part of the Sumar candidacy, headed by the communist Yolanda Díaz and which also includes Mónica García, the new Minister of Health.

Mónica García is the daughter of Sergio García Reyes, who was a deputy of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) in the Madrid Assembly. She has a degree in Medicine and specializes in anesthesiology, but some of her opinions have a difficult fit with scientific thinking, as she demonstrated in a debate at the Madrid Assembly in December 2019.

During a parliamentary debate, Mónica García, a supporter of legalized abortion, criticized a pro-life campaign that offered free ultrasounds to pregnant mothers. The pro-abortion positions of the extreme left clash with the fact that there are pregnant women who want to have the opportunity to know the life that grows in their wombs.

In his speech, García addressed the then Vox deputy Gádor Joya, a doctor in Medicine, referring to "those fetuses that you consider that because they have a heartbeat they already have life. Well no, madam Gádor." Her words caused astonishment among the Vox deputy and doctor, as well as laughter among those attending that session of the Assembly.

In that debate, the then deputy and current mayor of Torrelodones Almudena Negro, of the Popular Party, responded to García by reminding her of her status as a doctor, and adding: "Where there is no life is where There is no heartbeat, not where there is one, let's see if I have found out the other way around." Here the video:

Let us remember that the heart of an unborn child appears 18 days after conception and begins to beat at 21. This is not said by any religion or ideology: it is what science has shown. The pro-abortion left wants us to believe that abortion does not end a human life, and to do so they have to resort to lies.


Photo: Bruno Thevenim / Wikimedia.

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