His hostility towards Israel is very reminiscent of that of the Russian dictator

Is Pedro Sánchez following in the footsteps of the Putin regime in his policy against Israel?

The hostile attitude of the socialist Pedro Sánchez against Israel is bringing relations between that country and Spain to the brink of breakdown.

Hamas shows its gratitude to Sánchez: Israel was right when it accused his government
The infamous text supported by the Sánchez government with the Hamas allies at the UN

Sánchez sets fire to the relationship between Spain and Israel

Far from acting like a president of the government of a country in the European Union, Sánchez acts as an agitator who is dedicated to inflaming relations between Spain and Israel, the same attitude that he exhibits in his domestic politics, which seems dedicated to inflaming coexistence between Spaniards by giving wings to separatism and the extreme left.

A few days ago we saw the shameful news of the Hamas terrorists thanking Sánchez's government for its position, something outrageous but already familiar to Spaniards: remember that the socialist leader owes his re-election to support of a party, Bildu, that refuses to condemn ETA's terrorism, a party that has been doing some concessions that humiliate the victims of that criminal gang.

Criticizes Israel hours after new Hamas attack

This morning, two Hamas terrorists shot down a group of civilians Israelis in Jerusalem, murdering three people and wounding 16. At the time of publishing these lines, Pedro Sánchez's government has not yet issued any statement condemning this attack.

However, hours after that criminal act, Sánchez slipped new criticism against Israel, stating: "I have frank doubts that Israel is complying with international humanitarian law." A very cynical statement coming from un authoritarian ruler who is violating the rule of law in Spain, amid criticism from numerous institutions, including the Judiciary, and with multitudinous protests in the streets.

A policy against Israel that is very reminiscent of Russia's

It is not difficult to find similarities with Sánchez's hostile attitude against Israel. What the Spanish socialist leader is doing increasingly resembles the feigned equidistance of the Putin regime , whose foreign minister has made statements very similar to those of Sánchez, accusing Israel of violating International Law for responding to an attack by Hamas terrorists launched from Gaza, all while Russia continues with its unprovoked aggression against Ukraine, a sovereign country, an aggression in which Putin's army comes attacking civilian targets indiscriminately, with no other purpose than to spread terror among the Ukrainian population.

The damage that Sánchez is doing to the image of Spain abroad

Maybe Sánchez and his communist government partners don't care align with the regimes that support Hamas as the Spanish government did at the UN a month ago, supporting a resolution that omitted any reference to the civilians kidnapped by that terrorist groupand avoided condemning its attack on Israel. The problem is that Spain is part of organizations such as the EU and NATO, and Sanchez's position is seriously damaging Spain's image abroad, a damage that can have very negative effects. only in the political sphere, but also in the economic sphere. What investors is Spain going to attract while its government aligns itself with the sponsors of the Hamas terrorists?

The effects of the damage that Sánchez is causing to the image of Spain will be long-lasting and will affect our country for years. At this point, it is useless to ask for a little responsibility from a ruler who has shown to have no other concern than his personal interest, mainly his permanence in power at any price, even at the cost of degrading the institutions democratic as it is doing. What can be asked of the international institutions, especially the EU, is that they take note of the attitude of this irresponsible person, and begin to act now to put a stop to his infamies.


Photo: Efe. Pedro Sánchez with his Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares.

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