He granted an amnesty to all kinds of criminals and then denounced Vox

Persecuting the opposition is only the beginning: Sánchez's blacklist headed by Vox

Spain is experiencing an unprecedented attack on the rule of law, an attack that began with the announcement of an amnesty.

Santiago Abascal and the thin skin of the left, which has said and done things like these
The Popular Party movement that reveals its lack of firmness against the amnesty

The PSOE announces an amnesty for corrupt politicians, coup plotters and terrorists...

A month ago, the content of that amnesty agreed by socialists and separatists came to light, and we learned that among those privileged by the government there are corrupt politicians, coup plotters and terrorists, some of them prosecuted and others already convicted with final sentences. While Sánchez erases all these crimes in exchange for the support of the separatists for his re-election, turning the Constitution into a dead letter, his party is preparing to replace the Penal Code with a funnel law strong>, in which the same acts are punished very differently (or left unpunished) depending on who their authors are.

... and it uses the Prosecutor's Office to persecute Vox for opposing it

In a statement that seems like a practical joke, today the Socialist Party (PSOE), Pedro Sánchez's party, has announced that it will report Vox to the Prosecutor's Office, accusing it of promoting "hatred, hostility and violence" for demonstrating in front of the PSOE headquarters against the coup socialist to the rule of law and due to some statements by Abascal taken out of context in which he criticized Pedro Sánchez's lack of scruples.

It threatens Vox with “the full weight of the law” while privileging his allies

To complete the joke, the PSOE spokesperson in Congress, Patxi López, has declared: "We want the full weight of the law to fall on Abascal and Vox". It refers to the same law that they intend to leave suspended for serious crimes committed by their separatist allies. Thus, they intend to bring down the full weight of the law on Vox for acts that are not a crime, while exempting their allies from that law for committing serious crimes. We are facing a blatant display of arbitrariness, corruption and abuse of power. This is how a socialist dictatorship begins. If someone has not heard, just ask those who have seen them appear in countries like Venezuela or Nicaragua.

The PSOE supported legalizing the apology of terrorism saying that it is 'freedom of speech'

The PSOE announcement is a new mockery of democracy. Let us remember that Two years ago, the Socialist Party supported legalizing the apology of terrorism and slander, insults and serious threats to the Armies and the Security Forces and Corps, among other crimes, alleging that they are "freedom of speech", a freedom that, however, is now denied to those who come peacefully to demonstrate in front of the PSOE premises and to the president of the third most voted party in Spain.

The accomplices of this persecution against Vox

As happens in all dictatorships, some ass-lickers have already started to applaud the PSOE's announcement, perhaps thinking about the reward that aligning with a government that openly displays favorable treatment will bring them. undemocratic towards his allies, or perhaps out of fear of an apprentice tyrant who abuses his power.

At the same time, the Popular Party (PP), theoretically the first opposition party, the mixed commissions have been distributed today Congress-Senate with the PSOE, despite the fact that the PP had an absolute majority with Vox that allowed it to take over these commissions. Once again, the PP does not act as an opposition party, but as an accomplice of the socialist government, which while denouncing an attack on the rule of law, is dedicated to making agreements with the authors of that attack.

Vox is only the beginning: the next targets of the socialists

It is very possible that some deluded people believe that this is just a conflict between the PSOE and Vox. They are wrong. Vox is only the beginning. Having assumed the weight of the opposition, while the PP was dedicated to reaching an agreement with the socialists, has made Vox the first target to beat on the blacklist of Sánchez: the first but not the last. If anyone believes that Sánchez will be content with dedicating himself to persecuting the only real political opposition in Congress, he may now be disillusioned.

It doesn't take much to guess who will be next on that list. All of us who oppose Sánchez's whims will be singled out little by little: judges, independent journalists (the few that are left in Spain), civil associations that are not related to the left. and that do not allow themselves to be bought by the subsidies distributed by the government, independent unions (the few that remain), teachers, academics, professional associations and a long etcetera in which we enter bloggers, social network users and all Spaniards who are not afraid to demonstrate against the PSOE.

We are not afraid of them: they are the ones who will end up in prison

Obviously, what the PSOE wants to do with Vox is a lesson, a punishment to instill fear in others and thus sow fear among all of us who until now have been denouncing the attack by the socialists and their allies against the pillars of our democracy. Well: we are not afraid of them, we are going to continue demonstrating, we are going to continue denouncing their abuses and corruption, we are going to continue doing everything that the law puts within our reach to stop these apprentices of dictators and we are going to prevent the socialists from turning Spain into a new Venezuela.

Let them be very clear: the only ones who should be truly afraid of ending up in prison are those who try to demolish our rule of law, those who have agreed with the separatists to break our Constitution and national unity, and those who trade with the Penal Code to obtain personal benefits. It will take more or less, but they will end up sitting in the dock in a court and the entire weight of Spain and our democracy will fall on them. So they can insert their threats wherever they want. Of course, all my support for Vox against those apprentice tyrants. Once again, it has become very clear which party represents the only real political opposition that currently exists in Spain.


Photo: Vox Congreso. Santiago Abascal and the other Vox deputies at the exit of the first day of the investiture session on November 15, 2023.

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