The atrocities that socialists and communists have been doing for years

Santiago Abascal and the thin skin of the left, which has said and done things like these

For too long, the left has imposed a double standard in Spain for its actions and for the actions of others.

The photos of Abascal in Israel, repairing the image of Spain damaged by Sánchez
Vox's coherence in the face of the distribution of posts between the PP and the coup parties

A government allied with communists, coup plotters and ETA sympathizers

Any atrocity that the left does or says is justifiable in their eyes. There we have the example of the current government: Sánchez has allied himself with the communists (a totalitarian movement that has killed more than 100 million people), with sympathizers of the terrorist group ETA (who still today continue to refuse to condemn the crimes of these murderers and continue to organize tributes to them) and with the coup plotters who in 2017 tried to break national unity through violence , a serious attack on our rule of law that Sánchez has decided to erase with an amnesty in exchange for the support of these anti-democrats.

Abascal's words in the Argentine newspaper Clarín

Yesterday, during his visit to Argentina to attend the investiture ceremony of Javier Milei as president of that country, the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, gave an interview to the Argentine newspaper Clarín. In it, the interviewee stated:

"We have a government that has agreed with all the enemies of the unity of Spain, with separatism, with terrorism. It has introduced communism into the Government. It has ministers who do not condemn the attacks Hamas terrorists, who are the most horrifying thing we have seen in our present. And a government like that has to be described in a very harsh way."

Abascal also denounced that "the Government in Spain is abolishing the Rule of Law, it is suppressing the Judiciary, it is attacking the Constitution". Later, in the same interview, the president of Vox added: "I have some principles. I can't sell them. Sánchez doesn't have any. He can step on the laws, he can do anything, he can put national unity at risk. That gives him a competitive advantage. There will be a moment, given that the people will want to hang him by his feet."

It should be noted that the transcription that Clarín made of Abascal's words is not complete: they are taken out of context. Here you can hear his full statement, without cuts:

The cynical scandal of a left that does not condemn the most atrocious crimes

As expected, the left has been scandalized by this last statement. Yes, the same left that governs allied with ETA sympathizers, the same left that two years ago he refused to condemn the crimes of communism, going so far as to affirm that communists are "freedom fighters", an expression in which the PSOE and its far-left allies of ERC and the BNG agreed.

PSOE leaders now accuse Abascal of uttering a "threat." From its official Twitter account, the PSOE has demanded that the Popular Party (PP) break its pacts with Vox. Yes, the same PSOE that is allied with those who do not condemn the murders of more than 800 Spaniards, children included. What a tougher face. In turn, the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has condemned those words of Abascal, and he did it days after the distribution of charges between the PP, the PSOE and their allies in Congress, in the midst of a socialist coup against the State of Right.

Una ministra del PSOE deseó ver a Esperanza Aguirre «colgada» de una catenaria

Once again, the problem of the left and the PP is the newspaper archives. In 2007, the Minister of Development, Magdalena Álvarez (of the PSOE), referred to the then president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre (of the PP), affirming: "the only place in the Terminal 4 station where she could have been because she is from the Community of Madrid is either lying on the track or hanging from the catenary" . Instead of condemning her words, PP simply said that it was "a joke in very bad taste".

Yolanda Díaz regretted not "guillotining-a-king"

In 2014, the communist Yolanda Díaz, today vice president of the government, he regretted not "cutting off the head, guillotining-a-king", some words referring to the then head of State, Juan Carlos I. That was said in a program on channel V Television, broadcast in Galicia. Here is the video:

Yolanda Díaz has never retracted those statements, which the PSOE did not condemn, despite having been broadcast - I repeat - on a television channel. Today, Sánchez has no qualms about keeping Díaz as vice president in her government. Let us also remember that Feijóo was then president of the government of Galicia, that is, of the autonomous community in which those statements were issued, and he did not say anything about it. Is it because no one told him?

Elected officials and PSOE candidates pretended to have guillotined Rajoy

In 2015, in an official ceremony, elected officials and candidates of the PSOE of Alicante pretended to have guillotined Mariano Rajoy, then president of the government. The PSOE youth even posed next to Rajoy's simulated head, publishing the photo of the event. The PSOE did not condemn these events and did not take any measure against the authors of this infamy.

The serious threats against Vox and Abascal that the PSOE did not condemn

In November 2018, a group of far-leftists tried to break up a Vox rally in Murcia with shouts like "Ortega Lara back to the dungeon" (in reference to the founder of Vox who was kidnapped by ETA for 532 days), "dead sexist fertilizer for my garden", "Without legs and without arms, fascists to pieces" and "fascist idiot, your mouth on the curb". The PSOE did not condemn these violent expressions. Here is the video:

In April 2019, some communists threatened to kill the president of Vox in La Coruña with shouts of "Abascal to the guillotine", shouts uttered a few meters from the venue where Vox had organized a public event. The PSOE did not condemn these threats and Feijóo did not say anything about it, despite the fact that these events occurred in Galicia and while he was president of this community:

In June 2020, in Mos (Pontevedra), far-left thugs threatened to kill Abascal and other members of Vox, threats made in the presence of the Civil Guard without any arrests. The threats were launched against the presentation of Vox candidates for the Galician elections. The PSOE did not condemn these threats and Feijóo did not speak out either , despite the fact that he was still president of the autonomous government of Galicia:

Now, the PSOE, which did not condemn these threats and has not condemned any of the attacks that Vox has suffered since it arrived at the institutions in December 2018, five years ago, now pretends to have a thin skin, while maintaining as vice president the one who regretted not having guillotined a King, while maintaining an alliance with ETA sympathizers and while aligns at the UN with the allies of the Hamas terrorists. And Feijóo, once again, exhibits his incoherence, condemning Abascal's words after having remained silent in the face of the threats against Vox that we have just reviewed.

The left does not have the moral authority to reject Abascal's words

Under normal conditions, with a decent government, one could say that Abascal was wrong. It is not like this. We have an infamous government, which has allied itself with the violent extreme left, which does not condemn the attacks or threats against Vox and which maintains as vice president a savage who dreams of guillotining a King.

Under these conditions, the only thing I can say about Abascal's words is that he limits himself to administering to the left a minimum dose of his own syrup. This is what Milei did in Argentina, tired of enduring decades of atrocities on the left and also fed up with a phlegmatic right that allows itself to be applied this double standard by the left, a cynical and hypocritical left that displays its hatred and violence, and then claims that right behaves with delicacy, restraint and exquisite education. Well, maybe not. Socialists and communists have lost all moral authority, if they ever had any, to condemn those words or to even feign indignation.

In turn, the PP, before condemning Abascal's words, should begin by condemning the death threats launched by ultra-leftists against Abascal in Galicia, threats to which Feijóo remained silent perhaps because he was determined to distance himself from Vox at any price while the current president of the PP proposed an alliance with the PSOE. We have not forgotten.


Main photo: Vox.

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  1. Agusbou2015

    Full transcript of the interview with Santiago Abascal to the Argentine newspaper Clarín.
    Question: The exact question, let’s say that you hold the Popular Party responsible for the failure of a government of the Popular Party and Vox rather than Pedro Sánchez himself, who was shrewd, skillful?
    Answer: Pedro Sánchez is not cunning and skillful as people think. A politician who has no scruples, who has no principles, has a competitive advantage over honest politicians who have scruples because we set limits for ourselves. I have moral limits. I have principles, I cannot sell them. Sánchez has none. He is a politician who has no principles, he can deceive the people. He has done it in two consecutive elections, he can step on the laws, he can do anything, he can put national unity at risk, he can pardon criminals, he can allow terrorists to get out of jail, he can make a law that ends up causing 150 rapists to end up in the street. So, Pedro Sanchez is a politician who has no moral limits, he is not intelligent. That gives him a competitive advantage for a given moment that the people will want, they will want to hang him by his feet, but so far that has been enough for him. That is not valid forever, but so far it has been enough for him, and he has found a forceful opposition in Vox, a total opposition, but also a hesitant opposition.

  2. Thank you, Agusbou2015. 😉

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