Much of the left remains silent in the face of Russian and Islamist terrorism

Nigeria, Ukraine and the revealing silence of the anti-Semitic and anti-Christian left

For many years, the left has been assuming the role of great defender of human rights and the banner of pacifism.

Images of the Russian attack on homes, hospitals and other civilian targets in Ukraine
The images of the brutal Islamist massacre against Christians in Nigeria on Christmas Eve

The crimes of communism that the left refused to condemn

I can think of more than 100 million reasons to doubt the left's faith in human rights, more or less as many reasons as the deaths it has caused communism, whose crimes of genocide the left refused to condemn two years ago in an infamous vote in the lower house of the Spanish Parliament.

The alignment of socialists and communists with Hamas

From the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel on October 7, these reasons have only increased, especially among the Spanish left. Let us remember that the government of socialists and communists headed by Pedro Sánchez aligned itself in the UN with the allies of Hamas, all while its far-left ministers launched false accusations of "genocide" against Israel for exercising its right to defend itself from that attack, which has been the largest massacre suffered by the Jewish people since the Holocaust.

Precisely the big differences between the two sides in that war is that Hamas attacked Israel without any provocation, kidnapping, torturing and murdering unarmed civilians (including children and babies) and attempting to murder Jews indiscriminately, something for which he does deserve to be accused of genocide, while Israel has exercised its right to self-defense, trying to minimize civilian casualties and even asking civilians to Gaza to leave the combat zones, an evacuation rejected by Hamas, which has used these civilians as human shields for many years, which is a war crime, according to the Geneva Conventions.

They make the attacked country guilty for the mere fact of existing

Indifferent to the crimes committed by Hamas, the extreme left has pointed to Israel as guilty in a war in which that country has been the one attacked. For the extreme left, Israel's guilt is no longer based on the fact that it is defending itself from that attack: for them, Israel is guilty for the mere fact of existing, because they do not admit that the Jewish people have the right to their own State in the land in which they have lived for thousands of years, a right that the extreme left does not deny to any Muslim country.

That same left did not cry out loud when thousands of Palestinians were murdered by the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, nor when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were expelled from Kuwait in 1991. Maybe because those two regimes were not Jewish?

The silence of the ultra-left in the face of Russian terrorism in Ukraine

Since February 24, 2022, we have seen that same extreme left asking Ukraine to give in to Russia, on the occasion of the invasion ordered by Putin against a sovereign and independent country. Let us keep in mind that, unlike what Hamas did, Ukraine had not attacked Russia, but that did not prevent a large part of the left from not only criticizing Ukraine (and NATO, for its military aid to the invaded country). The same left that falsely accuses Israel of "genocide" has not made that same accusation against Russia for its indiscriminate attacks against the Ukrainian population, attacks directed against civilian targets, like the one perpetrated yesterday.

The silence of the left in the face of the massacres of Christians in Nigeria

In case there was any doubt about what the left thinks about human rights, socialists and communists have remained silent before the new massacre of Christians perpetrated by Islamist terrorists in Nigeria, a country in that there are already more than 52,000 Christians murdered by Islamists in the last 14 years. What is happening in Nigeria is a genocide, that is, the deliberate attempt to exterminate a human group based on race, ethnicity, religion, politics or nationality. But in the face of this genocide, the left remains silent.

A case of hatred against Jews and Christians

No matter how much the left tries to distort reality, civilians in Israel and Ukraine and Christians in Nigeria are the targets of terrorist attacks, attacks perpetrated by Islamists (in the case of Israel and Nigeria). and by the Russian allies of Islamist regimes such as Iran (in the case of Ukraine). The silence of the left in the face of these terrorist attacks against Ukraine and against the Christians of Nigeria is very revealing, especially after seeing it accusing Israel of all kinds of slander precisely for defending itself from a terrorist attack.

In the end, the reality becomes evident: if there are no Jews to accuse of something or if the victims are Christians, the left remains silent and looks the other way, because beyond its cynical posture about human rights, what weighs most heavily in the ideological baggage of a large part of the left is the hatred of Jews and Christians. A hatred that the left no longer even bothers to conceal.


Photo: Engin Akyurt.

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