Shameful alignment of the Prosecutor with the govt's infamous political bias

Sánchez's Prosecutor's Office prioritizes a kiss in Australia over two Hamas murders

One of the greatest shames of the Judiciary in Spain is the blatant dependence of the Prosecutor's Office on the central government.

Hamas shows its gratitude to Sánchez: Israel was right when it accused his government
The Spanish Iván Illarramendi was MURDERED in the Hamas terrorist attack that part of the Sánchez government has not condemned

Sánchez boasted that the Prosecutor's Office depends on the government

In 2020, Pedro Sánchez boasted that the Prosecutor's Office depends on the government, and since then we have been seeing constant demonstrations of the Prosecutor's Office's lack of respect for one of the principles established by Article 124 of the Constitution: that of impartiality, as well as its mission of "promote the action of justice in defense of legality, the rights of citizens and the public interest protected by law". A public interest that Sánchez too often confuses with his personal and party interests.

The Prosecutor's Office wants to close the murder of two Spaniards by Hamas

Yesterday we saw a new example of this: the Prosecutor's Office of the National Court has requested the filing of the judicial case regarding the murder of two Spanish citizens by Hamas, during the attack launched by that terrorist group against Israel On October 7, Iván Illarramendi and Maya Villalobo, both with dual nationality. The Prosecutor's Office He has not even seen it necessary to request a report on these crimes from Israel, as there is no doubt that they were perpetrated by Hamas.

The Association of Victims of Terrorism (AVT) has opposed the dismissal requested by the Prosecutor's Office, in line with the investigation procedures requested by the Civil Guard, in order to obtain information about those crimes they handle the Israeli authorities.

The Prosecutor's Office did file a complaint for a kiss in Australia

Contrary to what happened with those two murders, the Prosecutor's Office of the The National Court did present a complaint for sexual assault and coercion for the famous case of Luis Rubiales' kiss to the soccer player Jennifer Hermoso, an event that occurred in Australia during the final of the Women's World Cup. soccer. Let us remember that This scandal was directly fueled by Pedro Sánchez's government, which saw the opportunity to use it as an exhibition of its feminist politics.

The lack of interest shown by the government in these Hamas murders

At the same time, the government did not even classify the aforementioned crimes by Hamas against two Spaniards as murders. Since October 7, the interest that the Sánchez government has shown in these crimes has been zero, perhaps because those murders put the focus on the Hamas terrorist attack, an attack that the partners Sánchez's communists have not wanted to condemn. Let us also remember that the Sánchez government aligned itself in the UN with the allies of Hamas, supporting a text that did not expressly condemn that terrorist attack and omitted any reference to the hundreds of kidnapped by Hamas.

The atrophied moral compass of the government and many Spaniards

It must be said that the responsibility is not exclusive to the government. The murders of those two Spaniards have gone more unnoticed by many media than that famous kiss, as if the crimes of Hamas were irrelevant next to that event that occurred in Australia. Whether due to anti-Semitism or any other reason, this different yardstick shows how atrophied the moral compass of the government and of many Spaniards is, because at the end of the day political power is not more than a reflection of the society itself that voted for him.

That the Prosecutor's Office allows itself to be carried away by this lack of interest in the crimes of Hamas is something scandalous and it demonstrates, once again, that in Spain we have a judicial power that urgently needs to be depoliticized background. The Prosecutor's Office must not be carried away by the partisan bias of political power, and by doing so what it achieves is that many Spaniards lose a little more faith in our institutions.


Photo: AFP. Hamas terrorists parading through the city of Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip.

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