It is the crudest attempt of the Spanish left to erase its criminal trail

Seven data against the infamy of equating the Spanish Civil War with the Holocaust

The attempts to manipulate history to impose the biased vision of the left are leading, with increasing frequency, to an aberrant comparison.

José Calvo Sotelo: this was the socialist crime that caused the start of the Spanish Civil War
The names of the 50 children killed by communists in the Paracuellos massacre

In social networks it is increasingly common to find leftist users who equate the Spanish Civil War with the Holocaust. It is already common to read messages that equate the leftist side of that war with the Jews. These stupid comparisons started years ago, when the far-left party Podemos disqualified a video of two veterans of the Civil War, each belonging to a side, saying that it is as if a video were made with two old men, "one with a striped uniform from the concentration camp and the other with that of the SS." These statements are very cynical coming from a party that has promoted dozens of anti-Semitic initiatives and that has ties to the anti-Semitic regime in Iran.

It seems incredible to have to explain such elementary things today, but ignorance, misinformation and the lies of the left have led to this situation, so below we are going to review some data that dismantle that infamous comparison between the Spanish Civil War and the Holocaust:

  1. The Spanish Civil War was, as its name suggests, a war between two armed factions. Both sides committed war crimes (also the leftist side, as much as the Spanish left denies it). On the contrary, the Holocaust was a program of mass extermination of the defenseless civilian population. Only in very exceptional cases, such as the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Jews desperately took up arms to try to prevent their extermination.
  2. The Holocaust did not come after any Jewish coup, neither in Germany nor in the countries occupied by Germany during World War II. The Spanish left did carry out a coup against a democratic government in 1934, two years before the Civil War. A coup promoted by the socialists and supported by the communists as a reaction to an electoral victory of the right. A coup in which the coup plotters murdered 33 priests and religious and 300 soldiers and members of the security forces.
  3. The Jews exterminated in the Holocaust had not assassinated any political leaders. They were ordinary people who were expelled from their homes, sent to ghettos and finally taken to extermination camps just because they were Jews. On the contrary, the Spanish left assassinated one of the leaders of the parliamentary right on July 13, 1936, in a scandalous case of State terrorism that many historians consider the triggering event of the Civil war.
  4. The Jewish victims of the Holocaust had not dedicated themselves to killing anyone for their beliefs. They were innocent people who were murdered without any trial, without having committed any crime, just for being Jewish. On the contrary, the Spanish left dedicated itself to burning churches as early as 1931, and after the start of the Civil War carried out a bloody persecution against Catholics in which they were killed 13 bishops, 4,184 priests, 2,365 men and 283 women religious - many of whom were also raped - as well as thousands of lay people for the mere fact of being Catholic.
  5. The Jewish victims of the Holocaust did not commit massacres for reasons of ideas or beliefs against anyone. Their extermination was not a reaction against any crime, but an attempt to erase them from the map because of their race. The Spanish left did commit massacres for political reasons, such as the Paracuellos massacre in 1936, in which 5,000 political prisoners were murdered, including 50 children.
  6. The Jewish victims of the Holocaust were not sent to extermination camps for having wanted to establish a dictatorship, neither in Germany nor in any of the countries occupied by Germany. They were innocent men, women and children. Many of them had different political ideas, and many others had never been involved in politics. On the contrary, the Spanish left exhibited a radically anti-democratic rhetoric during the Second Republic, openly proposing a "socialist dictatorship" and carrying it out, under the tutelage of agents sent by the dictator Soviet Stalin, in the republican zone during the Civil War.
  7. The Jewish victims of the Holocaust did not organize detention and torture centers. They were not sent to concentration camps for extermination even for the slightest suspicion that they were preparing such a thing, but for the mere fact of being Jews. The Spanish left did organize hundreds of detention and torture centers against political dissidents, centers known as Chekas to which even mothers with small children were taken.

Equipping the Jewish victims of the Holocaust with leftist criminals from the Spanish Civil War, in a crude attempt to whitewash the Republican side and cover up the war crimes committed in their area, is an insult to the people murdered in the Holocaust and a clear example of the trivialization of that genocide.

Similarly, equating the victims of war crimes committed by the Spanish left with the Nazis is a very serious slander, which should be prosecuted with the full weight of the law. Not everything goes to rewrite history as the left wishes.


Photo: Child survivors of the Holocaust in the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp in 1945.

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