In its ideological mutation, the PP has ended up assuming old dogmas of the PCE

Feijóo and his paradox when talking about “the same Communist Party of Spain as always”

This Friday, Alberto Núñez Feijóo participated in a public act of the Popular Party in Badajoz, in the general election campaign.

Feijóo's program only includes repealing one of the ideological laws of the left
Feijóo's argument in favor of abortion with which theft could also be legalized

Feijóo, about Sumar: “It is the same Communist Party of Spain as always”

The president of the PP said a great truth about Sumar, the new electoral brand of the extreme left, headed by the vice
president of the government Yolanda Díaz (you can watch the video here, starting at 1:37:19, the link will take you directly to that spot). These were Feijóo's words: "They must think that we don't realize what they're doing. This joint venture between socialism and Podemos, a new version, is a very old joint venture. And it's the same thing with a different name. They go to marketing agencies to give the same names. It's the same Communist Party of Spain as always, which kept changing, roaming the name, to now be called Sumar."

In these words, Feijóo is right: the PCE has spent years looking for new brands to disguise itself and appear before the voters with an image that provokes less rejection than the traditional communist paraphernalia of the hammer and sickle, associated with more fifty dictatorships and more than 100 million dead, which is the trail of blood left by this totalitarian movement.

The PP and the dogmas of the PCE: the case of abortion

It seems very good to me that the president of the PP openly criticizes communism and unmasks it. The problem that the PP has with the communists is that it has ended up assuming some of their worst approaches, and it has done so to extremes that would cause astonishment among the PP's own affiliates of 20 years ago.

I will start by referring to the most aberrational case of all: abortion, now defended by Feijóo and the PP, was first legalized under Lenin's brutal communist dictatorship, November 19, 1920, as part of a social engineering project to destroy the family, considered by Marxism as a bourgeois and oppressive institution.

The PP and gender ideology, formulated by communists

On the other hand, gender ideology, whose most extreme version has been supported by the PP together with the left and the extreme left (now they will pretend they don't remember of it), was formulated by communists such as Shulamith Firestone and Simone de Beauvoir, in order to apply the Marxist thesis of class struggle to sexuality, qualifying men as oppressors and women as oppressed.

Likewise, sexual indoctrination from early childhood, supported by the PP together with the far-left in the Galician Parliament, when Feijóo was a regional deputy and regional president of this community, it is an imitation of the attempts of school indoctrination of the communist dictatorships and their efforts to destroy the authority of parents over their children, in addition to their scant respect for other human rights, which states the following: "Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children" (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 26).

The case of reversal of the burden of proof

Likewise, the reversal of the burden of proof included in gender laws supported by the PP, and that the person accused of discriminating have to prove their innocence, is a copy of the accusation method used in totalitarian regimes such as the communists, in which the human rights of the accused were systematically violated, including the right to the presumption of innocence.

The PP's support for a communist initiative in favor of the Cuban dictatorship

This ideological coincidence has even been reflected in the international arena. In 2021, when Feijóo was president of the Galician government, the PP supported an initiative of the BNG communists in defense of the Cuban dictatorship, which called for an end to the embargo on the US to that country but not the end of the communist repression in Cuba. By supporting this initiative of the extreme left, the PP of Galicia adopted a position that it had been described months before by the PP in the European Parliament, as a "insane" defense of the Cuban dictatorship, when a socialist European commissioner did exactly the same.

The PCE changes brands and the PP has changed its ideology

The PCE can and should be rightly criticized for seeking new disguises to hide its totalitarian agenda. On the contrary, and unlike the communists, the PP has not changed its brand, but it has changed its ideology, assuming a large part of the dogmas of the left, including dogmas that had traditionally been defended by the communists.

The absurd thing is that Feijóo is capable of distinguishing the electoral disguises of the PCE, but does not recognize that he has assumed some of his worst approaches . In this process of ideological mutation, what the PP has achieved is that it is indifferent that the socialists of the PSOE and the communists of the PCE cease to have a presence in the government: the PP will now be in charge of maintaining its policies, unless Vox gets strong enough to push in the opposite direction.


Photo: Partido Popular.

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