Many media have become mere stewards of the political power

The communication media outlets in Spain and self-criticism: please, lead by example

The difficult situation that Spain is going through is not solely the responsibility of politicians and the citizens who elect them.

The secrecy that exists in Spain about political favors to the media
A leftist newspaper makes a blacklist of right-wing youtubers and suggests censoring them

Many media outlets have abandoned the traditional role that journalism had , as a watchdog against abuses of power, to become a simple loudspeaker for the rulers who shower these media outlets with generous subsidies . In Spain, this drift of journalism has worsened as a result of the pandemic and the economic difficulties that many media have encountered. The television channels began to ask the government for economic help, the same government that they theoretically have to monitor. Thus, they have gone from being vigilantes to being stewards of power.

As a result of this situation, the government of Pedro Sánchez has skyrocketed spending on institutional advertising, a concept that is administered through advertising agencies and with hardly any transparency. Less than two months ago, the government refused to clarify which media outlets this advertising is assigned to, a way of concealing possible political favors. Very few media denounced this situation, perhaps due to the fear of the majority of being left without that desired government help. A fear that makes them subservient to power.

In view of this, it is outrageous to see certain media, especially those closest to the Popular Party, pointing out Vox for not making "self-criticism", after having unleashed one of the most aggressive campaigns against that party. Dirty rooms we have seen in many years. Of course, Vox has done things wrong in this campaign, like the other parties, but they only ask for "self-criticism" from that one. They are not asking for "self-criticism" from the Popular Party, which demobilized its voters by generating excessively high expectations and underestimating the left, nor are they asking the PSOE, which has lied throughout the campaign to cover up his disastrous management at the head of the government and his alliances with pro-ETA members, communists and separatists.

At this point, we must ask ourselves: are the Spanish media going to criticize themselves? Of course, I think it is appropriate to do so, seeing to what extent some have thrown their professionalism overboard in exchange for from a plate of lentils, spreading hoaxes, calling for censorship for youtubers like Vox, violating their duty of neutrality in the case of some public media, inventing a person who doesn't exist to attack Vox, and paying polls that gave absurd results in order to guide the vote and demoralize the voters of the party led by Santiago Abascal, to later lament that Vox has withstood this entire campaign of attacks without falling below 33 seats.

It is rare to see a politician making self-criticism, it is true, but it is even rarer to see it done to a media outlet. Some not only do not criticize themselves, but rather they keep publishing fake news to attack Vox, making up gossip where they are unable to reach with respect for the facts. Aren't they ashamed?

Coincidentally, the party most attacked by the media in Spain is precisely the only one that has asked to end subsidies to the media, as well as to eliminate subsidies to political parties, trade unions and employer organizations. In the end it will turn out that the problem is not that they do not like that Vox is a conservative party, but rather that it intends to cut the perverse link they have with political power in the form of subsidies, to that they be free again and not depend on the favor of any ruler. Something that seems intolerable for certain media outlets that have decided that they live more comfortably receiving a subsidy.en publishing false news to attack Vox, inventing gossip where they are not capable of reaching with respect for the facts. Aren't they ashamed?


Photo: PSOE.

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