The communist Irene Montero has revealed these lies by changing her version

This is how the extreme left lied to the women with a law that benefits rapists

In the name of feminism, the extreme left of Podemos has deceived the women of Spain and favored their sexual attackers.

They knew what they were doing: the far-left justifies the reduction of sentences for rapists
The cynicism of favoring a thousand rapists and then making a scandal over a kiss

Justice warned about the effects of the law but Montero denied them

Like her party, Podemos, the Minister of Equality, the communist Irene Montero, has been lying for months about her "only yes means yes" law. As readers of Contando Estrelas already knew a year ago, that law reduced sentences for sexual offenders, something that it was already warned by the General Council of the Judiciary in 2021, before the law was approved. Despite the evidence, Montero denied it and said in February that "the laws do not reduce penalties".

Podemos blamed the judges for the results of their law

Since the criticism began for these criminal reductions for rapists and pedophiles, Podemos has been blaming judges for misapplying the law, in an exhibition of legal ignorance and political cynicism that it sought to burden the Justice system with the blame for the law drafted by leaders of that party. A disinformation campaign that many sympathizers of the extreme left swallowed without question, in the same way that they swallow any lie told to them from Podemos and other related parties.

Podemos defended that law and refused to modify it

At the end of August 2023, Montero celebrated the first anniversary of that law praising it and without making even the slightest self-criticism about its content and about her responsibility as minister on the content of the law that his department drafted. Let us remember, in fact, that at the beginning of February, Podemos justified the reduction of sentences for rapists. Two months later, when the law was reformed by the PSOE and the PP, Podemos voted against the reform, because it refused to change even one eat of that law.

Now Podemos changes its version and blames the PSOE

After all that, yesterday, at a Podemos rally, Irene Montero referred to that law and said (see video): "yes, the law has an error, a blunder, which, as everyone knows, has been made by the Ministry of Justice , which is from the Socialist Party."

This statement by Montero implies a change of version that leaves the minister as a liar. If the law had a big error (Montero does not even say which one) and that error was the responsibility of the PSOE, then why when the PSOE gave Podemos the opportunity to correct that law, Podemos refused? Podemos acted as the party that authored that law, a party that did not tolerate even one iota of its law being changed.

And if the mistake was made by the PSOE, why has Podemos been blaming the judges for months? Did Podemos falsely accuse the judges of misapplying the law, that is, falsely accused them of committing a crime of prevarication, even though he knew that the error was supposedly due to the PSOE?

And if that error was the fault of the socialists, why has Podemos refused to make even the slightest self-criticism of that law, even when the PSOE decided to modify it? Podemos defended it more radically than the PSOE that law for which he now blames his government partners. He even voted against its modification.

A cult mentality where the truth doesn't matter

Obviously, Montero and the Podemos leadership know that the fans of that far-left party have very big problems. Communists have for many years preferred the party's slogans when they collide with logic. They did so for decades by calling the communist dictatorship of East Germany a "democratic republic", and they have done so every time they declared themselves "democrats" and at the same time supported dictatorships like those of Cuba and Venezuela. What do you care about one more lie? Communism functions like a sect, and in sects the truth does not matter.

The problem in Spain is that this sectarian mentality has also spread to the so-called "center-left", those who declared themselves "social democrats" and now act, in practice, as a simple clone of the extreme left. The PSOE is as guilty of this law as Podemos. It was supported by the deputies of both parties and was approved as a whole by a Council of Ministers made up of socialists and communists and chaired by Pedro Sánchez. No matter how much they now throw things at each other's heads, socialists and communists are equally responsible for this favor to the rapists. And Pedro Sánchez is especially responsible for Irene Montero remaining in her position even today.


Photo: Efe.

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