PP and PSOE voted against a Vox initiative against the CDR in Brussels

The separatist terrorism of the CDR and the political favors of the PSOE and also the PP

The same thing is happening with Catalan separatist terrorism as with the political arm of ETA: some have very short memories.

Bildu splashes Pedro Sánchez again by refusing to condemn tributes to terrorists
The favors to ETA for which Pedro Sánchez does not want anyone to talk about those terrorists

Sánchez's government comes to the aid of Catalan separatist terrorism

Yesterday, the newspaper El Mundo published that the Sánchez government has asked Europol to disassociate Catalan separatism from terrorism. This is another of the conditions set by the fugitive Carles Puigdemont to support the re-election of Pedro Sánchez as president of the government. Let us remember that another of Puigdemont's conditions is amnesty for 12 members of the Committees for the Defense of the Republic (CDR) prosecuted for terrorism, possession of explosive substances and attempted destruction, as a result of the so-called Operation Judas. Spain has a government that has associated itself with all types of criminals.

The precedent of favors to ETA to obtain the support of Bildu

Of course, the PSOE leader has had no qualms about acceding to Puigdemont's demands, in the same way as he already did favors for the ETA terrorists to obtain the support of Bildu. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters to Sánchez is remaining in power even if this means destroying the rule of law , as he has been doing since he came to government. The socialists take advantage of the springboard that the Popular Party left them. Let us remember that in 2012 the PSOE and the PP voted against a UPyD initiative that called for outlawing Bildu due to its obvious links with ETA.

The arrests of CDR members with explosives in 2019

Something similar happens with CDR terrorism. In September 2019, during the aforementioned Operation Judas, the Civil Guard arrested members of the CDR who possessed material to make explosives. The Civil Guard indicated that the detainees "could be prepared to carry out violent actions." The detainees were charged with crimes of rebellion, terrorism and possession of explosives. A few days later, all Catalan separatist parties came out in support of those detained and demanded "the withdrawal of Civil Guard troops from Catalonia", thus imitating their colleagues the Basque separatists of Bildu and their statements in defense of ETA terrorists.

A few days after learning of those arrests, Vox filed a complaint for terrorism against the CDR. At the beginning of November 2019, the judicial investigation concluded that the CDR are "a criminal organization with terrorist purposes". In fact, the members of the CDR detained by the Civil Guard they even had a draft written to claim responsibility for terrorist attacks.

Vox asked to classify the CDR as terrorists: PSOE, PP, Cs and ERC voted against

On Tuesday, November 26, 2019, after all these facts were known, the European Parliament voted on a Vox proposal to classify the CDR as a terrorist group: the PP, the PSOE, Ciudadanos and ERC voted together against even debating Vox's proposal. The PP even accused Vox of "manipulation". Both the PP and Ciudadanos argued that a final ruling was needed to grant Vox's request. Let us remember that in 2001, a PP Government said that a final ruling was not necessary for the inclusion of terrorist groups in that European list, in reference to Batasuna.

With their recent pressure on Europol, Pedro Sánchez and the PSOE have a great responsibility in the whitewashing of that violent separatist group that intended to commit attacks with explosives. But it is not a sole responsibility. The Popular Party and Ciudadanos have also played a regrettable role in this, preferring to join the antidemocratic cordon of the left and the separatists against Vox, instead of supporting Vox's initiative in Brussels against the CDR. Catalan separatist terrorism has benefited from these political favors just as Basque separatist terrorism did. The least some could do is recognize their mistake. Personally I hope they do. But I'll sit and wait.


Photo: Europa Press. Members of the CDR, hooded and armed with an iron bar, during riots in Barcelona in 2019.

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