The authoritarian drift of Sánchez and Marlaska provokes a new conflict

The Spanish government sanctions civil guards for defending the Constitution and a police union announces demonstrations

With more and more institutions opposing the socialist coup to the rule of law and with the protests that continue in the streets, the government of Pedro Sánchez opens a new front.

Spain: the list of the institutions that reject the socialist attack against the rule of law
The Spanish Judiciary describes the pact between the PSOE and Puigdemont as “a flagrant attack on the separation of powers”

Marlaska punishes three civil guards for defending the Constitution ...

In the last few hours it has been known that the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has sanctioned three members of professional associations of the Civil Guard (the spokesperson for Jucil and two members of the Pro-Guardia Civil Association (APROGC) for their defense of the Constitution against to the socialist coup against the rule of law, something that the minister considers violates his duty of political neutrality, as if this duty prevented these officials from defending precisely la Constitution that they swore to keep and have kept.

... while the government granted amnesty to coup plotters, corrupt politicians and terrorists

These sanctions are known while the Socialist Party (PSOE) is preparing to grant amnesty to coup plotters, corrupt people and terrorists in exchange for the support of the separatists for Sánchez's re-election, a colossal act of political corruption that violates the right to equality before the law protected by Article 14 of the Constitution.

The situation is certainly crazy: while the socialists erase the crimes committed by their allies, they persecute civil guards for defending legality. It is worth asking if the government has believed that the State Security Forces and Corps (FCSE) are at the service of the Socialist Party and not the Constitution, and that anyone who defends the rule of law against Pedro Sánchez's wishes will be persecuted and punished. This is how dictatorships begin.

Jucil reminds the government of Article 20 of the Constitution

Today Jucil has published a statement in which it recalls that the members of the Civil Guard are "protected by article 20 of the Constitution, which recognizes and protects the rights to freely express and disseminate thoughts, ideas and opinionsthrough words, writing or any other means of reproduction." The association of civil guards also points out that some politicians "possibly long for the return of those dark times in which, based on outdated laws of already outdated regimes, they persecuted those who tried to introduce into the Civil Guard the values that the Constitution proclaimed."

Regarding the files on the civil guards, and pointing out that yesterday the Supreme Court ruled against the attack on the rule of law, the APROGC has indicated: "Are they also going to file charges against the judges as they have done with our COMPANIONS?"

Police union Jupol announces demonstrations

In addition to receiving many expressions of support from citizens through social networks, the sanctioned civil guards have seen how their Police colleagues came to their defense. This morning, the Jusapol police union has announced: "Defend the Spanish Constitution is not a crime, it is an honor and a duty. Either they back down or we start the demonstrations ipso facto. Police associations and unions, LET'S SUPPORT our colleagues."

Thus, if the socialist government continues with its authoritarian drift, as it has been doing until now (with no signs that it will stop doing so), many police officers will end up joining the protests that has been causing Sánchez's blow to the Rule of Law. A coup that the Socialist Party justified by appealing to "coexistence", but which is causing more and more conflicts and more protests.


Photo: Efe. The Spanish Minister of the Interior, the socialist Fernando Grande-Marlaska, reviewing members of the Civil Guard.

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