Vox voted against that report, which attacks human life and Polish sovereignty

The barbarities of the socialist report that the PP supported to promote abortion in Poland

In Spain there are people who continue to vote for the Popular Party believing that it is a "useful vote" against the left. The question is: useful for what and for whom?

Aberrant EU resolution to force Poland to promote sex and abortion among children
Poland and Hungary stand out from EU support for abortion and gender ideology at the UN

A report whose speaker promoted a law that harmed equality before the law in Spain

Reading the Visegrád Post I came across a piece of news published this Thursday about the ideological offensive of the European Parliament against Hungary and Poland. The article refers to a report whose rapporteur is the Spanish socialist Juan Fernando López Aguilar, famous for having promoted the Gender Violence Law in Spain, which established unequal penalties based on the sex of the aggressor, violating the right to equality before the law. protected by Article 14 of the Constitution.

The creator of the report belongs to the party that settled the separation of powers in Spain

López Aguilar's report (you can read it here) is like a general case against Poland for leaving the fold of the unique progressive thought. The excuse of the report is the reform of the Justice, a reform about which many falsehoods have been said and about which I already spoke to you here. It is ironic that the author of a report that criticizes the alleged lack of independence of the Justice in Poland is a well-known leader of the PSOE, the party that liquidated the separation of powers in Spain in the 1980s, in an assault on the General Council of the Judicial Power and the Constitutional Court.

Giving democracy lessons to Poland from a party that governs with communists

It is also ironic that this report also talks about the situation of the media in Poland, just a few months after the approval in Spain by the PSOE Government of a law that allows websites to be closed without a court order, with the ambiguous excuses of combat "disinformation" and "guarantee public security and national defense". As usual, the most liberticidal left in Europe, which now governs in Spain with communists who support dictatorships such as Cuba, Venezuela and Belarus, dares to give lessons in democracy to Poland.

Report criticizes Poland restricting infamous abortion legislation

López Aguilar's report is long and unpresentable enough to dedicate several posts. This time I want to focus on the most infamous part of that report: the one that criticizes Poland for considering restrictive abortion measures. It should be remembered that the nazis imposed abortion in Poland in 1939 in an undisguised attempt to get Polish children to stop being born. It was part of the genocide that those totalitarians launched to exterminate the Poles, both Jews and Catholics. The communist dictatorship continued the work begun by the nazis in that country, establishing a legislation that allowed the killing of unborn children, imposing in Poland the rules to unprotect prenatal life that already existed in other communist regimes.

An attack on the national sovereignty of Poland to unprotect its unborn children

With the fall of communism and the return of democracy, Poland opted for restrictive abortion regulations that have been reducing this scourge in the country since 1990, in such a way that the number of abortions has fallen drastically in the country. Something similar, by the way, has happened in Hungary, which perhaps explains why both countries, historically twinned, are now the target of the ire of progressivism.

Specifically, the report by the socialist López Aguilar has asked the Polish Parliament "to refrain from any further attempts to restrict women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights," a cynical euphemism with which abortion organizations disguise the violent elimination of unborn children in the womb. In addition to belittling the national sovereignty of Poland, as if it were a Brussels colony instead of an independent country, the report claims that Poland deprives the smallest, most innocent and defenseless as it already happened when nazi Germany and the USSR took over that country.

The report invents a non-existent human right to abortion

The socialist report also affirms that the Polish legislation supposes "a form of violence against women and girls", a brutally cynical accusation, since abortion is precisely a brutal form of violence that has as its victims multitudes of unborn girls. Furthermore, the report criticizes Poland for defending the right to conscientious objection of medical personnel to abortion, and regrets that since 1996 Polish doctors who avail themselves of this right were no longer legally obliged to refer mothers to a site where to get rid of their unborn children.

López Aguilar reaches its most mendacious extreme when it affirms that the "restrictive abortion laws and lack of implementation violates the human rights of women." In other words, he defends abortion by appealing to human rights, when abortion is precisely the violation of the most elementary of those rights: the right to life. This right is contained in Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in which there is no right to kill unborn children.

Vox voted against: the Spanish PP voted together with the far-left

López Aguilar's report was adopted by the European Parliament on July 16. The report's voting page shows who has supported that infamous text in the European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs. Only two members of the European People's Party voted against, and both were Hungarians: Lívia Járóka and Balázs Hidvéghi, MEPs of Fidesz, the party that governs Hungary. The entire conservative group (ECR) also voted against it. The only Spanish member of that commission who voted against the report was Jorge Buxadé, from Vox. Once again, I am glad I voted for that party.

Significantly, the representative of the Spanish Popular Party on the commission, Javier Zarzalejos, voted in favor of the socialist report. The same vote as the Spanish communist Sira Rego, the representative of the far-left coalition Unidas Podemos in that commission. Once again, the PP has demonstrated that its vote is only useful for the left to continue imposing its ideological theses in Europe, even at the cost of the lives of the weakest: the unborn children.


Main photo: Pablo Casado, president of the Spanish Popular Party.

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