Spain has a government that is favoring all kinds of criminals

A serious threat against Spanish society and only one party is taking it seriously

Spain is experiencing a moment that is both serious and surreal, due to a government that is a cocktail of authoritarianism, fanaticism, arrogance and incompetence.

A treacherous and corrupt politician who changes the law to benefit his criminal allies
The communist partners of the government of Pedro Sánchez insult the victims of communism

A government that settles its budget with those who do not condemn terrorism

It would be difficult to summarize in a few words what has been happening in recent years in Spain for those who do not know the reality of this country, but broadly speaking it could be said that the coalition government made up of socialists and communists has placed itself at the service of of some criminals. Two years ago, the first serious scandal in this regard occurred when the government of Pedro Sánchez decided to settle its accounts with the heirs of the terrorist group ETA, with a political party that it calls "political prisoners" to criminals who murdered 853 people and injured and maimed 6,389, figures that include 20 murdered children and 60 injured and maimed children.

The government of Sánchez has been repaying the support of the heirs of ETA by bringing the prisoners of this terrorist group to Basque prisons and with other measures that have served to outrage and humiliate the victims of these assassins. One of the most scandalous measures was agree to rewrite the history of Spain with those who do not condemn the terrorism of ETA, through a law that makes no mention of the crimes of terrorist gangs from the far left like ETA and the GRAPO, who have been killing, injuring and maiming Spaniards for decades with the aim of bringing our democracy to its knees and giving in to their intolerable demands.

A government that agrees to leave some coup plotters unpunished

The government's pacts with criminals have also resulted in the pardons for those convicted of the 2017 separatist coup in Catalonia, a serious attempt to undermine the constitutional order and break coexistence among Spaniards. And since the government relies on Catalan separatism to govern, its latest assignment is to change the law to eliminate the crime of sedition and even open the door to reform the crime of embezzlement of public funds, which are the two main crimes for which the perpetrators of that coup were convicted. The objective of these cessions is for Pedro Sánchez to continue in power for another year, until the next general elections are called, even if the result is to leave criminals unpunished and disarm the rule of law in the face of a new separatist coup.

A government that favors rapists and pederasts

The measures of the Sánchez government for the benefit of criminals have led this week to a scandal over the sentence reductions for rapists and pedophiles because of the disastrous "law of sexual freedom" promoted by the government and which was approved last summer. This law is generating a great social alarm, as well as restlessness and defenselessness among the victims.

A government that does not recognize its mistakes and does not take any responsibility for them

This latest scandal has once again shown that Spain has a government that is a serious threat to Spanish society itself, by favoring those who want to break our coexistence, those who have been murdering children and adults, and also those who have raped women. Until now, not a single member of the government has resigned due to these scandals, which also shows that these rulers refuse to assume any responsibility for their actions. They don't even ask for forgiveness or acknowledge the mistakes they make. The official policy is to always blame others (judges, parliamentary opposition, the media) and point the finger at those groups in an attitude that is a mixture of threats and incitement to hatred.

The disparate response from the political opposition: Vox mobilizes...

If everything we have just seen had been done by a right-wing government, the left would have been setting fire to the streets for a long time now. The reaction of the Spanish opposition to the outrages by the left is being very uneven, but so far there has not been a single violent protest. Only one opposition party has decided to call protests in the streets: Vox. It is the same conservative party that in 2017 resorted to the mechanisms of the rule of law to prosecute the perpetrators of the separatist coup in Catalonia. No one can accuse that party of radicalism: all its protests are peaceful and it always respects democratic rules, something that cannot be said of the separatist partners of the government of Pedro Sánchez.

Along the same lines, Vox, the third party with the most votes in Spain, has once again resorted to the mechanisms of the Rule of Law, announced an appeal before the Constitutional Court against the government's covert amnesty to the coup leaders with the elimination of the crime of sedition. In addition, Vox has also raised the need for a motion of no confidence in the government. In fact, that party it already presented a motion of no confidence two years ago that was not supported by any other party political (everyone else voted against it along with the government).

... and the Popular Party crosses its arms

Meanwhile, the second most voted party in Spain, the Popular Party (PP), has had a very different response: no protests in the streets, no motion of censure or appeal before the Constitutional Court. The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, he has limited himself to saying that when he comes to government he will undo what Sánchez did. Until then -I repeat that the elections are scheduled for a year from now- his solution seems to be to sit back and wait.

Given the critical moment that Spain is experiencing, in front a government that is a serious threat to Spanish society, only Vox seems to take it seriously and act as the democratic opposition should. Because the work of the parliamentary opposition should not be limited to complaining to the media or on social networks. When the Nation is in a trance like the current one, what is expected of the opposition is that it act accordingly, and that it not shrug its shoulders and resign itself to waiting for a new call to the polls.

What the PP is doing now is what it already did before the separatist coup of 2017: try not to get wet and wait for others to solve the problem, even if it is too late to repair the damage done. The famous quote attributed to the conservative Edmund Burke that appears on the cover of this website says it: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.." What the PP does is not "moderation", as so many presume: it is a lukewarm and cowardly attitude that facilitates the triumph of the wicked.


Photo: Vox.

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