He has vetoed the international mission against Yemen's Houthi rebels

Spain and the Red Sea coalition: Sánchez's lurches and Iran's strings

The government of socialist Pedro Sánchez is making an astonishing display of lack of judgment and responsibility in foreign policy.

Hamas shows its gratitude to Sánchez: Israel was right when it accused his government
The infamous text supported by the Sánchez government with the Hamas allies at the UN

Houthi rebels threaten Red Sea trade route

In recent weeks, the attacks by Yemen's Houthi rebels, puppets of the Islamic dictatorship of Iran, have been making headlines. The authors of these attacks have threatened all ships sailing through those waters to destination to Israel, a threat that endangers the most important maritime trade route in the world: the one that passes through the Suez Canal. In fact, some shipping companies are already opting for a longer and more expensive route, the one that borders South Africa, which will predictably affect the prices of the items they transport, including oil.

The US-led operation to confront that threat

The Houthis' threats are not only directed against Israel: they are a danger to global trade. Therefore, this Monday, December 18, the US announced an international coalition to ensure freedom of navigation in the Red Sea, in a mission called Operation Guardian Prosperity. The US Department of Defense indicated that Spain would be one of the participating countries, since the Spanish Navy already has a presence in that part of the world within the framework of Operation Atalanta of the European Union (EU).

Sánchez's government stands out in harmony with its communist partners

Obviously, when the US announced Spain's participation it was because it had previously spoken with the Spanish government. However, this Tuesday the Sánchez government indicated that it would only participate in this mission under the protection of NATO or the EU, stating that Spain would not get involved "unilaterally" in that operation. That same day, the communist partners of Sánchez's government accused him of "following the US", a country that they accuse of being "arming Israel in the middle of a genocide", which is how the extreme left describes Israel's military response to the Hamas terrorist attack, an attack that Sánchez's communist partners have not condemned.

Sánchez vetoes the EU mission in support of that operation

This Wednesday, The EU gave the green light to Spain to participate in that operation. And in case there was any doubt, this Thursday the EU itself joined that mission, opening the door to extending its Operation Atalanta in the Indian Ocean, in which it participates Spain, extends to the Red Sea. The EU decision was made unanimously, that is, it necessarily had to have the support of the government of Spain, but a few hours later Sánchez backed down and vetoed that mission. Thus, it is now clear that the NATO or EU protection was an excuse: Spain will not participate because Sánchez does not want to.

Sánchez's increasingly dangerous alignment with Iran

The Spanish government has not even bothered to explain this diplomatic lurch, but it is not difficult to imagine its reason: Sanchez's hostility against Israel is so manifest that he even received praise from Hamas terrorists for it. As we have already seen above, this mission was rejected by the Spanish extreme left, which includes two of the European parties most hostile to Israel and at the same time they have links with Iran and with Palestinian terrorism.

Although he pretends to have an international image of a moderate social democratic leader, in reality Sánchez is a left-wing extremist and had no qualms about aligning itself with Hamas's allies in the UN (including Iran) at the end of October, supporting a text that did not condemn Hamas and omitted any reference to those kidnapped by that terrorist group.

Sánchez is not averse to aligning himself with Iran at the UN, but joining our greatest ally, the US, causes him serious reservations, not only because Biden has been reluctant to be photographed with him, as if he were politically a plague, but also because of the ideological anti-Americanism that the Spanish extreme left has been nurturing for decades. An extreme left in which it is fair to classify a socialist fanatic who feels more comfortable with communists and ETA sympathizers than with the democratic right.

Sánchez is destroying the international image of Spain

Of course, Sánchez must believe that snubbing our allies and destroying Spain's image as he does will have no effect, but he is terribly wrong. Of course he's going to have them. Facing the world, in this issue of the Red Sea coalition and in his policy against Israel, Sánchez is acting as a puppet of Iran, as if the ayatollahs were pulling their strings, and that could turn Spain into a pariah abroad, a country without international weight, which only pleases the most corrupt and criminal regimes (Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, China and even Russia, with his increase in imports of Russian gas).

Sanchez's international image is collapsing faster and faster, and although the scene is complacent for those of us who do not feel even the slightest appreciation for this unscrupulous politician, it must be noted that in his fall is dragging Spain with it. The day these socialist fanatics leave power, it will take Spain many years to recover from the damage that Sánchez has done to his image in the world.


Photo: La Moncloa. Meeting between the President of the Spanish Government, the socialist Pedro Sánchez, and the then dictator of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, at the UN headquarters in New York on September 24, 2019.

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