They sabotaged the defense of France; now do the same with Ukraine and Israel

The communists do for Russia and Hamas what they already did for Nazi Germany in 1940

On August 23, 1939, the National Socialist dictatorship of Germany and the Soviet communist dictatorship they signed a pact.

United by hatred of democracy: a revealing telegram about the Nazi-Soviet pact of 1939
This is how the Communist Party of Spain justified the Nazi-Soviet invasion of Poland

Nazis and communists divided part of Europe between them

With this pact between Hitler and Stalin, signed by their foreign ministers, Joachim von Ribbentrop and Vyacheslav Molotov, Germany and the USSR became de facto allied powers and several countries in central Europe and Oriental. Eight days later, on September 1, 1939, Germans and Soviets jointly invaded Poland. On September 22, both armies met at Brześć Litewski (today Brest-Litovsk, Belarus) and they celebrated their victory against the Poles with a joint parade.

The communists boycotted the defense of France against the German invasion

One of the least known effects of that alliance took place in the countries attacked by Germany. As I already explained here three years ago, the communists loyal to Moscow did not organize resistance movements in the countries occupied by the Nazis -with very few exceptions- until the German invasion of the USSRin June 1941. But that was not enough for Stalin's followers. As I reported here in 2015, in France the Communist Party (PCF) dedicated itself to boycotting the defense of the country against the German invasion. Members of that party dedicated themselves to sabotaging the manufacture of weapons in French factories and some were shot for treason because of it.

The communists blamed Poland, France and the United Kingdom for the war

Three days after the Germans took Paris, on June 17, 1940, the official newspaper of the PCF, L'Humanité, demanded a communist government from the Germans to make peace, at the same time that it blamed England for the war, accusing it of "imperialist". On June 18, Molotov sent a telegram to the German government congratulating it on the conquest of France. This friendly attitude toward the Nazis was not unique to French and Soviet communists. On February 18, 1940, the newspaper "España Popular" edited by the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) justified the invasion of Poland and blamed France and the Kingdom for the war Kingdom and the invaded country itself.

A hoax by two communist parties boycotts a shipment of ammunition to Ukraine

I think it is necessary to remember these things seeing what is happening now. On Thursday I explained here that a hoax by the Spanish communists of Podemos and Sumar (the new electoral brand of the PCE) put a shipment of ammunition to Ukraine at risk. In my article I posed this question: was this hoax intended to interfere with military aid to Ukraine? Whatever the answer, that has been the result. Yesterday we learned that that Podemos hoax has left a Spanish factory that was going to send ammunition to Ukraine without activity for two weeks.

The Spanish intelligence service, beheaded at the request of far-left parties...

In view of these facts, in other countries, the intelligence services would already be investigating the possible connections between these parties and the Kremlin. In Spain that does not happen, or at least there is no evidence that any investigation has been opened in this regard, because those communist parties are allies of the Pedro Sánchez government, which two years ago he beheaded to the National Intelligence Center (CNI) at the request of far-left parties that have been acting as Putin's puppets in Spain. A scandalous fact that demonstrates the extent to which this government is allied with the enemies of the West.

... who reject the sending of military aid to Ukraine

Podemos and Sumar's boycott of Spanish military aid to Ukraine is not surprising. The Spanish communists have been acting as the Kremlin's useful fools since before the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, opposing the sending of military aid to the attacked country and promoting defeatism against Russia, under a cynical disguise of pacifism. The same disguise that the communists used to favor Nazi Germany in 1940, following orders from Moscow.

They are the same ones who criminalize Israel after the Hamas attack

Coincidentally, in October 2023 Podemos and Sumar voted against the European resolution condemning the terrorist attack by Hamas against Israel, which occurred on the 7th of that month. Both parties have been launching false accusations of "genocide" against the attacked country, something that can be attributed in part to the traditional anti-Semitism of the extreme left, but there may be more reasons. Let us remember that Hamas is an ally of Russia, and in turn Russia is an ally of Cuba and Venezuela, two dictatorships with which those Spanish communist parties They have maintained close ties for years. Also, Podemos also has links with the Iranian regime, also an ally of Russia and Hamas.

These alliances explain the low attitude of these extreme left parties. The strategy of the Spanish communists favors Russia and Hamas (harming the democratic countries, Ukraine and Israel, which have been attacked by the terrorist regimes of Moscow and Gaza), because they are the allies of their allies. As I pointed out at the beginning of this article, this is not a new attitude among left-wing extremism: it is the same reason why the communists demonized France and the United Kingdom in 1940, when both countries Democrats faced Nazi Germany.

Podemos calls the Russian invasion “the war of Ukraine and the United States”

When yesterday the leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra, referred to the Russian invasion as "the war of Ukraine and the United States", as if that war had been started by those two countries and not by the Russian invaders, what she was doing was a new favor to Moscow, because it is the ally of her allies strong>. It is the same disgusting cynicism that could already be read in that infamous article published in that Spanish communist newspaper in 1940. In these 84 years the world has changed a lot, but the communists continue to be the best allies of the worst tyrants.

The shame for Spain is to have a government with communist ministers who try to sabotage the defense of two friendly countries, Israel and Ukraine, which have been attacked by terrorist regimes. If the communists are there it is because Pedro Sánchez has chosen them as allies, because at the end of the day, socialism always feels closer to the communists than to the democrats.


Photo: World History Archive. Parade of German troops in Paris in 1940.

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